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July 6, 2022

Do Fabric Shower Caps Keep Hair Dry? What are the Best Shower Caps in Regards to Fabric?

  • March 3, 2022
  • 5 min read
Do Fabric Shower Caps Keep Hair Dry? What are the Best Shower Caps in Regards to Fabric?

Fabric shower caps are effective in keeping hair dry and are attractive due to their reusability. However, not all fabric shower caps are made equal, and it can be challenging to figure out which ones are the best shower caps.

This article will look at the types of fabric shower caps available, which ones are excellent choices, and which fabrics should be avoided to allow for a smooth, enjoyable shower time.

Do Fabric Shower Caps Keep Hair Dry?

Fabric shower caps, depending on the type of fabric they’re made with, are excellent for keeping hair dry. Some fabrics that are inherently waterproof are always going to be better than fabrics that have a water-proof coating, as coatings can become damaged or rub off with the passage of time. Visit Now

What is a Guaranteed Safe Buy for Fabric Shower Caps?

One of the best shower caps on the market for a 100% waterproof fabric shower cap is from GRACE&COMPANY. Not only does it come in two fresh colors, Gramercy and Clementine (along with the original classics, Casablanca, Lemon Drop, and Lucie), but its turban-style fit, performance fabric material, along with an accenting bow and pleasant feel of the material makes this luxurious cap a must for women in need of a high-end treat.

What Types of Fabric Shower Caps Exist?

Here are some of the most popular shower caps available:

●     Premium performance fabric.

●     Iron-on vinyl cotton shower caps.

●     Nylon outer layer with a terry cloth inner lining.

●     Plastic outer lining with a cotton inner lining.

●     Nano-tech fabric.

What Are the Best Shower Caps in Regards to Fabric?

Ultimately, premium performance fabric is one of the best options when it comes to having one of the best shower caps. Not only do fabric shower caps have the inherent water-proofing ability in the fabric that will never fade, rub off or wear away, but they are typically made more durable and heavy-duty than most other shower caps.

Many people who use premium performance fabric shower caps express delight in the feel of the fabric and snugness of the cap while it’s worn, not to mention that performance fabric shower caps typically come in beautiful designs.

Nano-tech is also one of the best shower caps due to the fact that is able to repel water on a molecular level, has antibacterial properties, and dries quickly. The material also manages to be breathable, but there is one factor to look out for regarding this cap: due to the new technology used in making the cap they are typically twice or three times more expensive than a standard fabric shower cap.

Which Fabric Shower Caps Should be Avoided?

There are a number of cotton shower caps and fabric shower caps that are not ideal for people who are looking for a durable, long-lasting cap. This includes iron-on vinyl caps, nylon out linings, and plastic outer linings.

Why Should Iron-on Vinyl Shower Caps be Avoided?

Iron-on shower caps, although they can be useful in a pinch, should ultimately be avoided due to the non-durable nature of the shower cap. Iron-on vinyl is known for its ability to easily peel, and due to the nature of the shower cap being exposed to water, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and harsh wash cycles in the washing machine, can become damaged quickly.

If an iron-on vinyl shower cap gets even a little tear or peeling in the vinyl layer, this will allow water to flow in and ultimately ruin the shower cap, causing it to need replacing.

The only attraction in this type of shower cap is the fact that they typically come in a more budget-friendly price point.

Why Should Nylon and Plastic Outerlinings with Terry-cloth be Avoided?

Nylon and plastic outer linings, on their own, are typically durable. They have natural water-proofing abilities that keep water away and are useful in the shower. The inner terry-lining may even add an extra level of comfort and softness that may be enjoyable during showers.

The problem, however, lies in the terry-cloth lining. Due to the fact that this lining essentially makes it like cotton shower caps, any moisture that enters the shower cap will become absorbed into the cotton lining. Due to cotton’s ability to absorb, and not necessarily dry quickly, the inner side of the shower can become soggy and soaked.

A soaked shower cap, especially from the inside where the cap has direct contact with your hair, can cause unmanageable frizziness and, ultimately, ruin any hairdos, and may go so far as causing you to have to wash your hair anyways to reset it.


Fabric shower caps are some of the best caps available on the market, easily with some of the best price points and pleasing designs. We have looked at a range of some of the best shower caps made of fabric to give a better idea of which are the best for different types of budgets and hair needs. And for a guaranteed luxury purchase, consider the GRACE & COMPANY shower cap to add to your collection.