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October 2, 2023

Disrupting through CX

  • September 7, 2022
  • 4 min read
Disrupting through CX

When was the last time you called customer service and received a satisfactory answer in less than a minute? 

Most of us find it frustrating to contact customer support. In retrospect, things have changed since you listened to piped Mozart or Beethoven on hold for prolonged periods. In addition, IVR menus are becoming more intelligent over time. 

However, we don’t enjoy contacting a customer service centre. This is because you know you must spend a lot of time explaining your problem or trying to find the right agent. Attending CX events helps you learn the customer’s mindset and aid you in getting in the mind of the customers.

Contact centres remain a pillar of human connection between brands and their customers in the digital era. The importance of these connections has never been greater. The quality of the customer experience is often the driving force behind loyalty to a brand in an increasingly competitive market. Product matters, no doubt. Pricing is important. However, service is equally important. It’s all about the experience. We desire highly integrated contact centre experiences as users.

It remains a challenge for brands to deliver seamless, integrated customer experiences. 

Customers often don’t get connected to the right agent because they’re not connected to the right department. The best agent is routed to every customer interaction, creating a better experience and optimising contact centre KPIs. Despite their best efforts, contact centres do not always succeed. 

However, we are closer to realising that predictive routing can deliver such a personalised experience. Hyper-personalization plays an increasingly important role in the customer experience strategies of customer-focused companies. CX journeys start with assessing a customer’s personality type at the start of the call. 

Take a moment to consider this. There are different personalities among agents in a typical customer service centre. The characteristics and businesses of each customer are unique. There is no such thing as a typical agent. Likewise, no two customers are the same. Using these different personalities, how can you achieve consistent, measurable results? Smart routing powered by AI. 

Smart routing powered by AI enhances customer experience

Currently, many companies are investing in AI to transform themselves digitally over the long term, not for immediate returns. 

In these companies, AI is recognised as a powerful tool for improving the performance of their call centres. Whether AI-powered conversational assistants or AI-enabled human agents, AI has already been applied to CX in many ways. A smart or predictive routing system driven by AI has immense potential. 

Behaviorally-based call routing isn’t a new concept, of course. Since 2014, it has been around. Contact centres have used skills-based routing for decades. Agents are matched to each customer’s needs based on their skills. Through AI, this is significantly improved, as agents can match callers with specific personality traits with callers with those traits according to behaviour algorithms. Finding your perfect partner for your contact centre can be called sophisticated customer-agent matching!

With AI, contact centres can match customers with agents who match their personalities, values, and behaviours. Such intelligent pairings improve relationships.

A happier customer means a better relationship. 

The AI-driven routing system also optimises the customer experience by learning from each interaction. In our experience at CSS Corp, we have significantly improved first contact resolution (FCR) rates and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Disruption is ripe in the CX space. CX events help you get in the mind of the consumers and earn from the experts. Predictive routing driven by artificial intelligence is that disruption. The customer era has begun in this decade. Customer experiences will be transformed in a post-pandemic landscape if seamless, hyper-personalized experiences are offered across all channels. This journey is just getting started.