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September 29, 2022

Different Types of Earrings Best For You

  • February 2, 2022
  • 7 min read
Different Types of Earrings Best For You

We continue our journey to discover the world of jewelry. After having explored the various types of pearls and the various types of wedding rings, today we want to focus on the types of earrings that exist on the market. 

Earrings are a very feminine accessory; they enhance your look and highlight the beauty of the face. All provided that they are well chosen.

History of Earrings:-

Earrings are an accessory used all over the world, mostly by women but this fashion has taken hold over the years also in the male sphere. The earrings boast a history of millennia, so much so that we find them in different historical realities, from ancient Greece to the Egyptian world, from the Roman Empire up to distant Japan.

Over the years, earrings have become a real essential accessory and the various designers around the world have indulged themselves to create and modify them, so much so that they have become a real must.

Many types differ in material, shape, cost, color size.

In this article, we want to give you an overview of the main and trendy types of the market.

Types of Earrings:-

The market offers several types of earrings that can be small or large, lobe or pendant, classic, or even very sophisticated. They can have simple or particular frames in silver, gold or other noble metals with colored stones or without. 

This accessory can be located in all shapes and sizes with the only limitation of the weight that must be borne by the lobe of the wearer. For those who love large earrings, it is advisable to pick light stones such as Baltic Amber which weighs very little. The types of earrings are divided into:

Stud Earrings:

Stud Earrings are those with the pin that is inserted into the hole in the earlobe and the butterfly clasp behind it, also called the nail clasp. They are small, light, and comfortable thanks to the very simple closing system.

The most popular models are the stud earrings with different gems which by their shape resemble buttons a bit or the famous light point earrings which are usually in bright sterling silver with a brilliant stone set. Then we have other shapes such as hearts, stars, or flowers. For those who want this kind of earrings in a trendier version, the designers propose the double pearl earrings that have a ball in front and a ball behind instead of a butterfly.

Regardless of the model, the 1 carat stud earrings are perfect for any occasion and everyday use. This earring feature is wearing both women and men, that’s why also called a unisex earring. 

Dangle Earrings

The dangle earrings are one of the most loved models by women; it is a structured model in two parts, one upper that is fixed to the lobe and a second dangling part, hence the name of pendants.

Different models on the market can also have different types of closure, for example, butterfly (as we will see later in the lobe earrings), hook or hook (a hook with a clip attachment in the back). There are short or even very long drop earrings.

If you want to wear dangle earrings, we recommend the Rose Gold Black with White Diamond Dangle Earrings, because it is a very secure type of lever back, and using this lever back lock, it is practically impossible to lose the earrings.

Because in addition to the pin that attaches to the ear, it has an additional device that attaches to the pin at the back of the earlobe.

Drop Earrings

Another type of this jewel loved by women is drop earrings. This model is composed of the upper part that holds them fixed to the lobe and the dangling part. The closure of the pendant earrings can be: butterfly as in the lobe earrings, hook or hook which is a hook with a clip attachment in the back. 

They also exist without any type of closure, but with a passing chain. The pendant earrings can be short or long, with or without stones, in a circle, or with imaginative perforated shapes. Long earrings are always particularly elegant and are great for all important occasions.

Clip Earrings

The last type is the clip on earrings, which are particularly popular with people without pierced ears. The jewel is fixed to the lobe with a rear clip. Clip earrings are an excellent solution for women who for various reasons decide not to have their ears pierced but do not want to give up on earrings.

Lobe Earrings: 

This type of earrings is characterized by their complete adherence to the lobe and by the frequent use of the butterfly clasp. The lobe earring is small in size and can represent any shape; it is often composed of pearls or small diamonds used as a point of light to illuminate the face.

Hoop Earrings

These types of earrings are also called rings (or in France crèoles). The circles are normally with an essential design, they can be of different sizes and circumferences, from large to small, and with one or more circles. It is a much used jewel that is back in fashion among women. See this Classic Inside-Out Round Diamond Hoops Earring.

Pendant Earrings 

They are composed of any closure welded to a particular frame that supports a dangling part of any type. The pendant earrings are very popular models for their showiness and elegance that make them suitable even for the most elegant evenings.

Light Point Earrings

The light point earrings are part of the lobe earrings category. Their main feature is to illuminate the earlobe with their simplicity and shine. They are very small and are mostly sold with bright materials such as small diamonds or various types of pearls.

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What Kind of Earring is Right for you?

After having seen the various types of earrings, let’s now see which earring to choose based on the shape of the face. 

  • Round Face

This type of face with a rounded shape, without protruding or angular points is perfectly suited to dangle earrings, long or linear earrings.

  • Oval or Elongated Face

Face with regular contours, slightly wider at the cheeks, narrower towards the chin. The perfect earring for you is a light point or stud earring.

  • Diamond Face

A pointed chin face with slightly pronounced cheekbones, a large forehead, and a V-shaped hairline, the indicated earring is a circle or large pendants at the end.

  • Square Face

Face with marked features, has equal width in the lower and upper part. In this case, we suggest earrings with round shapes.

  • Face to Heart

A face whose part is wider than the bottom. Hoop earrings or drop earrings are indicated.

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