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October 2, 2023

Desserts in the Desi sweet Centre Bradford

  • September 1, 2021
  • 4 min read
Desserts in the Desi sweet Centre Bradford

Dessert is known as a sweet that completes your meal. A very few countries do not serve desserts at the end of meals, but most do. Many cultures are said to have many variations of the same kind.

What is considered a dessert?

Anything sweet is considered a dessert. There are different types of desserts starting from the very famous cake, pastries to cookies and frozen desserts like ice creams.

Desserts at  Desi Sweet Centre

They have a variety of desi desserts that are available here in Desi Sweet Centre. Our ras malai is said to be a must-try dish. Although making it takes hours, the product will get your mouth watering in no time.

The famous cold desserts like ras malai and Gajrela serve Jalebi, namak parry, cupcakes, and a wide variety of Gulab Jamun. 

Rasmalai dessert

The ras malai is made by curdling the milk and hanging it in mousseline cloth for hours. It is then kneaded and made into small round balls and soaked in sweet milk. The ras malai balls absorb the sweet milk and increase in size.

The white creamy and smooth texture of the ras malai is enough for you to crave for more. The softness and tenderness of the ras malai ball are like cotton candy in your mouth; it dissolves the moment it contacts your taste buds. 

Desi Sweet Centre

Jalebi dessert

Other than the famous ras malai, they have traditional jalebis, orange or white-coloured spiral rings. It is made by preparing a batter which is then piped into a plastic bag. It is then poured into shape in hot oil and deep-fried, and soaked in sugar syrup for the Jalebi to absorb the sweetness.

Jalebis are enjoyed when served hot and fresh. The crisp texture of the Jalebi is what makes it special. Some people prefer it plain, while others like to add a sprinkle of pistachios or dried nuts, depending on their preferences. 

Gajrela dessert

In addition to this, you will find the famous dish of Gajrela, which is made of nothing but carrots. It is prepared by grating the carrots and stir-frying them with the basic traditional herbs like cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, etc. 

A special paste of rice is prepared, added with milk and sugar into the carrots and cooked until the required consistency is formed. It is then cooled down and served with pistachios, almonds, and cardamoms. They enhance the flavour of the gala and give it a unique taste.

Gulab jamun dessert

Gulab Jamuns are said to be the national sweet of Pakistan. There are different sizes and shapes of gulab jamun. You will always find them in brown colour, the shade might differ, but the colour ranges from dark brown to light brown.

Other than the colour, the Gulab Jamun is available in many shapes, like the traditional round or the simple oval.

Gulab Jamuns are made by kneading a dough that includes powder milk and special traditional herbs. It is then let to rest, and the sugar syrup is prepared. The Gulab Jamuns are then made into different shapes and sizes.

They are then deep-fried on low flame till the desired colour is reached. Then the freshly prepared Gulab Jamuns are soaked in sugar syrup for hours. The Gulab Jamuns soak in the sugar and increase in size as well. 

They are then served with a variety of options. People prefer it plain as the original Gulab Jamuns are, while others prefer it with a topping of coconuts or nuts. When people spoon through that soft Gulab Jamun, they tend to find it harder to resist and lose count of how many they have had.

The soft and moist texture of the sweet Gulab Jamun is what makes it so special. And the colour and shape of the Gulab Jamun are what distinguishes it from the rest of the desi sweets.

Desi Sweet Centre

Dessert of cupcakes

The cupcakes are not desi yet but are desserts of international cuisine. They are available in many flavours. Most sold flavours are chocolate and vanilla.

Cupcakes, from its name, is a mini version of a cake. Just like a cake, a batter is prepared to depend upon the flavour choice. It is then scooped into plastic liners and set in the oven to bake. Once they are bakes, they can be served as a teacup.

Some prefer their cupcake to be frosted with a unique cream; this helps beautify the look of the cupcake and enhances its flavour.


It is said that desserts regulate your mood and increase the production of happy hormones in your body. Thus, an individual must consume a portion of sweets to have a happy and cheerful day.