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Designing a Variety of Campaigns with Custom Signage

  • March 11, 2022
  • 4 min read
Designing a Variety of Campaigns with Custom Signage

Banners are a great and versatile way to help influence people. They’re always insightful and can be seen from many distances. Whether you’re advertising, publicizing, or simply informing, banners can be incorporated into any marketing strategy seamlessly. Outdoor advertising is a big part of marketing for any business that wants to reach the public in a much less intrusive manner. And indoor advertising, especially signage design and creation, can be remarkably effective for visualizing brand awareness. 

What is the Purpose of Custom Signage?

Custom made signage is a form of direct marketing. It consists of printed materials that create an immediate and highly personal means of connecting to your audience. Promotional, event, branding, and more are all examples of what custom signs can do. Designing custom signage can be daunting but with the help of designers and manufacturers, we can help navigate these boundaries.

Possible Campaigns

Whether you need to attend a conference, attempt to increase your customer base, or celebrate a special occasion, custom printed signage can help create the desired environment. Customizable channel letters and graphics on signs for businesses and organizations can help them get noticed at crowded events. There are many different ways to use our massive electronic screens, but this is not the case with custom signs. Sign scripts work differently than images. They usually show up on screens for a limited time before rotating to another number and consequently taking that spot. So, these banners need to be spread out without creating wastage of them as they will lead to revenue loss if fewer people see them.

-Banner Printing Options

A variety of banner printing options are available to meet your profile of signage needs. You can choose from standard, digital or liquid poster printers or high-end vinyl and magnetic sheet cutters. There are a variety of workable Printing Options that range from full-colour 24 x 36-inch banners to non-toxic silkscreen or digital print designs on fabric. Banner Options include window decals, self-adhesive vinyl signage for windows and walls, and custom metal sign panels. Some other important areas to get customized signage in are business cards, neon letters near building entrances, and porches.

Workplace Hazard Signing

At any time, workplaces are typically designated by signage. The workplace safety signs

will warn you if the site has chemicals, a chemical spill, or any hazardous materials. It’ll even detail the consequences of ignoring or breaking safety or other workplace policies. Whatever your business may look like, it’s never too soon to start brainstorming on effective signs for your workplace.

Warning Danger Sign Lessons Learned

As public awareness increases about the hazards on a street, people will demand greater visibility of safety precautions. Many jurisdictions are busy debating illuminated signage for increased caution, flashing lights to alert drivers when there are suicides in the area or increased traffic markings to persuade more pedestrians to walk with care.

Examples of Banner Printing in Action

There are many reasons why banners are appropriate for an advertising campaign. One is that they can be used to get the message out to so many people. Important banners can even broadcast instructions to other countries or different languages. But banners-what should you use them for? What are their weaknesses?

1. Use a banner when it makes sense and your main concern is portraying the products or events

2. Use a banner when you have one primary product with smaller sub-campaigns that need a banner

3. Use a banner with multiple products, if the brand has enough equity without having the name on each individual poster

4. Use a banner during promotional periods such as holidays (e.g., Christmas)


Signage essentials can be designed for various campaigns. Each idea and success rates have a different approach to signage design and execution, so it’s best to consult with an in-house designer who can help decide what will work best for your promotion.