Custom Cosmetic Boxes Are The New Trend of Packaging    
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November 28, 2023
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Custom Cosmetic Boxes Are The New Trend of Packaging

  • March 14, 2022
  • 5 min read
Custom Cosmetic Boxes Are The New Trend of Packaging

The cosmetic industry is booming. Nowadays, people of all ages and genders use several types of cosmetics to look presentable. But only a few years ago, cosmetics were reserved for women of a particular age group. Fortunately, this small customer base has grown with modernization. Unfortunately, eyelashes are still reserved for women – especially those who want long, beautiful lashes. By customizing engaging cosmetic boxes, you can define your target market and design packaging suitable for the desired target group. Today’s post will cover several tips for designing competitive custom cosmetic packaging boxes.

Know your Buyers Before Designing Cosmetic Boxes

Before you start anything, the first thing you should consider is your audience. This task is not as tricky as products such as eyelashes. We know who you are selling your products to; they are all women in the age group of 16 years and over. Now think about what attracts women to your products. is it pink? Or just a feminist packaging design? However, suppose it turns out that you’re not very good at dealing with demographics and target groups. In that case, you can always get advice from a professional retailer on packaging a target-based product. Also, when choosing the right demographic for your lashes, you need to decide which class you want to target.

Your product packaging is key to reaching a higher class of buyers. For example, if you choose a simple kraft box for your eyelashes, you can’t expect it to compete with well-known brands that offer their products in more expensive cosmetic packaging boxes. To compete with the big cosmetic retailers, you have to pack everything into an eyelash pack. They focus so much on the packaging because most customers are willing to pay more for elegant and unconventional packaging.

Protect Your Eyelashes in Custom Boxes

The main task of any packaging is to protect the contents inside. No matter how pretty or attractive your packaging is, if it can’t save your lashes, there’s no point in having it. Design your packaging to protect your eyelashes from injury or damage. To get the best protection for your eyelashes, you should choose a strong packaging material. Your options for cheap but strong packaging materials are kraft, paperboard, and cardboard.

Use of Window Cuts in Custom Boxes

Lashes cannot be bought without knowing what they look like. To solve this problem. Packaging suppliers have provided solutions of all time. They offer custom printed eyelash boxes with windows. In addition, they place a transparent plastic film on the custom eyelash boxes, which serves both a protective and aesthetic aspect. With a cut-out window on your cosmetic packaging box, your customers don’t have to open the whole box and take out the product to check it out. In general, eyelash boxes with truncated windows are advantageous for any country.

Packaging Add-Ons for your Custom Boxes

Once you are done with the custom materials, dimensions and inserts, move on to the custom cosmetic box design phase. When it comes to cosmetic box customization, there are several job options. To differentiate your eyelash packaging from the competition and attract customers, choose one of the following packaging accessories.

Perform Embossing & Debossing on Custom Boxes

The most prominent part of your personalized cosmetic packaging is your logo and company name. So shoppers can instantly see your brand name, text or logo debossed or debossed. Both printing methods are great for emphasizing text. As the name suggests, the relief elevates the text. Similarly, indentation is the process of making the desired text concave. Based on your choice, you can choose any of these methods.


Lamination on each packaging box works in two ways. First, it protects the seal on your box from fading. Second, it adds all the shimmer and shines your cosmetic packaging box needs to make them stand out. There are many different types of laminate to work with. However, not all will make your box shine. If you are looking for a matte or grainy finish, you can go for a matte finish.

Use of Different Color Methods

The type of printing process you choose affects the graphic representation of your eyelash box. Typically, printers offer two main printing methods: RGB, CMYK and PMS. RGB means red, green and blue. These are the three most important colours for any graphic print. The printer uses color density to achieve the desired result in this process. For example, to get black, use a colour intensity of 0%.

Likewise, they use a color density of 1-99% for all other colours. However, they convert the RBG prints to CMYK to print all colours. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). The keys are used as colour palettes to provide different colour samples. Finally comes the PMS pressure; The company uses PMS printing for its higher resolution colour stamps. Ask PMS (Pantone Matching System) for the best lash pack results.

Final Thoughts

Custom cosmetic boxes are mandatory for all eyelash types. Whether you are targeting the premium market or simply looking to sell your lashes to economy class, no one will buy your lashes if they are on store shelves unpackaged.