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November 28, 2023

Common Mistakes While Transporting Houseplants

  • August 9, 2021
  • 5 min read
Common Mistakes While Transporting Houseplants

Indoor plants are mainly popular for providing a unique touch to all the objects lying within the range of your access. They mostly play a crucial role in taking the elegance of a given space to an entirely new level. Floras of this nature usually fill the air inside your home or workplace with a unique sense of positivity and feeling of joy provided they are in their freshest form. These plants are often filled with optimum brightness at each that makes them the first choice of everyone. Their presence constantly motivates you to maintain optimum health in the middle of global lockdown by taking an active part in daily indoor workout sessions. Shifting to faraway places every two-three years hardly comes in the way of bringing houseplants inside your living space. However, the thing here is just like plants in your garden area, the ones inside your residence also need certain care to maintain optimum health. The most common blunders that people make while shipping decorative plants from one place to another can be discussed under the following headings.

Not Packing Your Plants Well:

Most of the indoor plants are quite delicate by nature and hence extra care is often needed to transport them safely from one place to another. You basically need to take up such a project while shifting your home or office. Make a point to work with a professionally run transport business that often has a team of experts, who mainly specialize in handling such projects effectively. Think about asking a shipping expert in your area his experience in this field and the types of projects he has mostly handled as this gives a clear idea regarding his skill level. Always keep in mind the nature of your indoor plants before finally deciding to stick to a given type of flora before finally deciding to go for a given transportation strategy. The most important reason for this is that not all of them may go well with each type of houseplants causing damage to them. Stay away from clubbing your delicate plants with other household items. Remember to cover them well with a soft cloth to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. If possible, then transport them safely in your car or borrow them from some of your known ones on the said day. If you are interested in buying a new lot of indoor plants for your new destination, then think about purchasing indoor plants online that are sourced from a reliable place.

Water your plants well to make sure they do not feel dehydrated, especially if it’s going to be long wrong.

Focus on postponing your shipping till the time the weather becomes favorable for your houseplants when possible.

Not Placing Your Plants In Plastic Containers:

Do you feel that your plants have become heavy beyond easily manageable? If so, then there are very high chances that the transporter may drop them from height while loading, leading to the breakage of the containers made of pottery that may ultimately damage the beautiful flora that you would never want. The better option would be to transfer the plants into plastic containers that are often quite durable and brightly colored in addition to being lightweight. Make sure the new containers are of the same size. Condition your plants for a few days or rather weeks before the big day. Make sure to keep the amount of soil to a minimum. You are always free to take some help from your known ones or family members. Transfer the plants to their original containers soon after reaching your new destination. Water them optimally if they look dry and tired due to a long journey. Do not worry much if you see a few yellowed leaves as they would be fine gradually with time. Allow your plants some time to adjust to their new environment.

Position your plants away from direct sunlight under all conditions to ensure optimum health on their part.

Forgetting To Know About The Average Temperature And Weather Of Your New Destination:

Another very common mistake that you must not commit is forgetting to gather ample information about the average temperature and weather of the new destination of your decorative plant. Avoid placing them too close to each other as this will trap the air and obstruct the floras from breathing freely. Take necessary steps that are appropriate with the forecast predictions. In case the weather changes without any prior information, then position these plants in a shaded spot. If you have come to know that some of your loved ones have moved to a new destination, then do not hesitate to send indoor online to impress them in style.

Most people often tend to forget to prune their indoor plants well before shipping them well.

The above-mentioned are some of the topmost mistakes that you must avoid while purchasing indoor plants.