Clear Freestanding Pet Gate: Sight and Safety in One    
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October 2, 2023

Clear Freestanding Pet Gate: Sight and Safety in One

  • April 4, 2022
  • 6 min read
Clear Freestanding Pet Gate: Sight and Safety in One

As homeowners, we value the overall look of our spaces. When buying furniture and decors, our priority is to pick those that blend seamlessly together. 

Making a home presentable and cohesive has become more evident, especially since the pandemic. Nowadays, we spend most of our lives indoors, working or studying from home, which gives this longing for a conducive workspace. 

However, there are things in our homes that we would rather skip because it does not fit with the theme we are going for – even if those are nearly essential items. One of which is pet gates. 

Why Should You Get a Pet Gate?

1.    Safety
Smaller dogs are unstable when going up and down the stairs because of their size. On the other hand, older ones often need help ascending and descending the stairs. 
However, regardless of how much we love our pets, it’s doubtful that we can attend to them 24/7. Pet gates help secure your pet’s safety even when left unsupervised. So, if you like bringing your pet on different floors or levels of your house, get one to ensure that they are safe even when they’re running around

2.    Self-dependence
Having your pet stuck in a crate or a leash gives them this feeling of not being able to be with their pack. This experience is a restricting environment to put your pets in all the time – it might do more damage than good.
By setting up a pet gate, your pet can still freely roam around your home while their spaces are still being guarded and supervised. This offers them a more open and independent feeling.

3.    Separation
If you are a pet owner who has multiple kinds of pets like dogs and cats – they don’t usually go well with each other. Some also have two highly aggressive dogs that are too destructive. This innate relationship might cause wounds and damaged furniture.
A pet gate will ensure that all your pets are safe from each other. Moreover, it will also reduce the constant worrying and fear of vases breaking or furniture being scratched. A pet gate is a convenient way to control your pets without interacting with them.

4.    Sustainability
No matter how much love we have for our pets, they could still get on our nerves. This annoying feeling typically happens if you see them chewing off that expensive leather sofa or running around and knocking down some pots – it could be chaos.
Putting up a pet gate will keep that space in your home from getting thrashed or messed up. It may be a studio with high-end equipment or a family room with a lovely couch. Regardless of what it is, a pet gate will save your home.

5.    Soothe
A home is also our space to invite guests over – may it be family or friends. Sometimes, some of these people are not keen on pets. They might feel threatened, or they may be allergic.
Pet gates will keep your pets separated from these guests to put them at ease. That way, you open your home to friends and family without them feeling scared or uncomfortable, for you have control over your pets.

If you’re a pet owner, one of your priorities is your pet’s safety and health. You make sure you are giving them the proper diet or that they have regular check-ups with the vet. You ensure that they are getting the best care and comfort there is. Hence, the need for pet gates, but let’s be honest, these aren’t typically within our “aesthetic” – not plastic dog gates.

Clear or plastic pet gates offer both style and sustainability to the consumer. With such pet gates, you no longer have to worry about having a chunk of bold-colored pine wood or metal disrupting the flow of your home design, for these are transparent pet gates.

Acrylics for Pets

Clear Freestanding Pet Gate Panel. Source

Transparent pet gates are typically made of acrylic. Acrylic or plexiglass is a plastic material known for its clarity and durability. The material can easily be molded into desired shapes and sizes because they are easily fabricated with heat. So, with clear acrylic pet gates, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Hiddin has three (3) different pet gates you can choose from, varying in size and functionality. They have a panel gate, a zig-zag clear pet gate, and even a mounted designed gate. The key to picking the right gate is assessing your space and seeing which suits it best. 

All variations of Hiddin’s pet gates are clear freestanding pet gates. These are convenient for those who want to skip the headache of drilling holes and tightening screws to install a pet gate. 

Meanwhile, there is also a wall-mounted clear pet gate for a more stable or hinged safety gate for your pets. This goes for those who don’t mind putting in the extra time and work setting up a pet gate. You also can keep it as a zig-zag pet gate if you do not want to mount it.

With clear freestanding pet gates, you can skip the eyesore of dark materials. These will blend seamlessly with whatever theme or design in your home. You no longer have to constantly stress about having an incoherent space.

As mentioned, acrylic is also a strong material. It is not as fragile as glass, yet it is lighter. It is half the weight of glass. So, acrylics, if used in pet gates, can easily be moved or carried around to wherever you want to place them.

Acrylics are also less prone to scratches compared to other acrylic materials. Hence, even if you have pets trying to go over it and scratching the surface of the gates, it will still retain its smooth finish.


Being a pet and homeowner is not a walk in the park. You must ensure your space is not torn down while still giving your pets the liberty to roam around. The thing is, pets are a little too hard to control.

Installing pet gates is ideal for protecting your pets and your home. Pet gates help preserve the spaces with valued pieces of furniture or equipment. Moreover, pet gates help keep these areas tidy and fragrant from the smell of your pets. 

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