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Cheating in Online Gambling: Is It Possible?

  • March 14, 2022
  • 5 min read
Cheating in Online Gambling: Is It Possible?

Online casino players are always looking for innovative ways to maximize their profits. Some try to employ every conceivable tactic to cheat to make more money. Yet, cheating at casinos nowadays is far more difficult than it was when casinos only accepted coins. 

Though online casinos have superior security systems, Polish gamers are always looking for new cheating methods. People have become their own Robin Hoods since Poland legalized online betting! 

Our gaming expert, Eliasz Nowak, believes that online casino cheating is still conceivable and will positively affect the shift from Land-based casinos to online ones. He says, “Polskie kasyno online 2022 będą w nadchodzących latach coraz bardziej popularne i przejmą kasyna naziemne”. Check out his other posts here before you continue reading to learn more about cheating the game. 

What Do Online Casinos Do to Prevent Cheating?

Casinos cannot afford to let you win all the time. Like any business, casinos need to make a profit, too, and so they are constantly looking for scamsters and holes to fix in their security systems. Online casinos have multiple tricks up their sleeve to help combat theft. 

●  Online casinos use reliable third-party payment applications to ensure both their and the player’s money is safe.

●  The use of algorithms, like random number generators, allows the machine to be fair to the players and prevent them from playing the guessing game.

●  Some elite licensed casinos have AI tools and visual and audio sensors that monitor gamblers to ensure fair play. 

Cheating Online Casinos

With magnetic hacks and monkey claws, tricking a physical machine into giving you more money was relatively simple. However, online games require a more sophisticated set of skills, probably even hacking! Despite the top-quality security systems built into the new online casinos, our expert and tech-savvy Polish players will have you know that there are some simple ways to trick the algorithm into giving you more money. Here’s how: 

Use The Bonuses

Abusing an online casino’s registration bonus offer is the most prevalent and possibly easiest technique to scam them. Some gamers would even argue that this isn’t cheating at all. After all, the incentive is there for you to take advantage of, and how are you cheating if you follow the terms and conditions? 

Let’s see how.

Joining an online casino usually comes with a bonus. Most casinos provide a percentage of your deposit as free chips or credit. For instance, if there is a 50% bonus and you’ve deposited $500, then with the bonus, you begin playing with $750 in your account. 

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of bonuses: Cashable and Non-Cashable. 

A cashable bonus can be withdrawn once the casino’s wagering requirements are met. On the other hand, non-cashable bonuses need to be used in-game and have two varieties: Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses. 

With either non-cashable bonus, if you play long enough, you will have enough money to withdraw. 

Use Multiple Accounts

Account verifications are a way to restrict any malpractice from the players’ end. While every reliable casino has its long identity verification process, not all casinos require a deposit to give you a bonus. In certain cases, a “no deposit bonus” consists of free chips granted solely for opening a real money account at the casino. It’s usually simply a few dollars, anywhere between $5 and $50. 

Some cheats create multiple accounts to take advantage of no deposit offers. This is a cheap method, but it works. Even the top casino loses money on a casino game to a player who uses a no deposit bonus twice a day. However, the amount of money produced is usually negligible. Most casinos have a cash-out limit, so you have to do it in the right places for it to work. 

You could theoretically establish an infinite number of accounts and play till you win and cash out. But you’ll need a lot of fake IDs. Because most of them are overseas, fooling them with counterfeit IDs is easy. Just don’t expect to make a lot of money doing it. 


Collusion in online poker refers to sharing information about your cards with a friend (or numerous friends). You have an advantage over the other players at the table since you have greater knowledge. 

Poker sites also have stringent security procedures in place to prevent this. Among other things, they look for strange conduct. Folding a good hand of cards is a sign that someone else has better cards and that you’re aware of it. Other judgments at the table may be more overt, but poker sites are trained to recognize these tendencies.

However, you’re not stealing from the casino, but your fellow players, with this method. 


Now you know the possible ways to cheat and win casino games. What you have to decide is if it is worth it. How far can unethical money making methods take you? Not very. So, gamble wisely and beware of scams that steal your hard-earned money.