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October 1, 2023

Carpet Tiles and Carpet Construction

  • October 4, 2021
  • 4 min read
Carpet Tiles and Carpet Construction

Carpet tiles have been around for many decades, and they have gained popularity over many different flooring types because they are easy to install, clean, and maintain. A carpet tile is simply a textile floor covering made of a backing and an upper layer of coarse pile attached to either side. The coarse pile is typically made of wool, although in recent years, synthetic fibers including nylon or polypropylene have also been used. Since they are man-made fibers rather than natural, you don’t have to worry about the inevitable wear and tear experience of that natural carpet. In fact, a carpet tile can last many years longer than a carpet with natural material. This long lifespan allows you to save money on carpet replacement costs.


One major advantage to vinyl carpet tiles Dubai is their durability. With any type of carpet, even woven or needle punched carpets, there is always the risk of wear and tear. The reason for this is because carpet fibers become cut and damaged over time. If you live in a humid area, chances are good that needle-punched carpet threads will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis. If not properly cleaned and maintained, these threads can actually grow to be quite large, resulting in small tears in the fiber. Even when they are completely torn, however, these threads are still vulnerable to drying out and shrinking which can cause the repair process to be more extensive than it needs to be.

Damage to the fiber is much smaller

With carpet tiles, the damage to the fiber is much smaller. The tiny holes made by the threads don’t leave big tears in the material, so repairing them is usually quite easy. As well, because the flooring is installed directly onto the baseboards and walls of the home, you do not have to worry about running new underlayment or heating elements between the tile and the floor. A good adhesive and heat resistant adhesive backed flooring can go right over top of the tile providing a level surface for the adhesive and heat insulation to stick to.

When you install carpet tiles instead of more traditional hardwood flooring, you can expect to save money on installation costs as well as the cost of buying new flooring. Carpet tiles are much cheaper to purchase in the same dimension as the original piece you purchased. In addition, if you choose to buy used carpet tiles, you can often get them at a significant discount since the retailer will typically replace the pieces with new ones anyway. By choosing to use carpet tiles rather than traditional flooring materials, you can also consider less waste in your next project.

Installing carpet tiles is quite easy

Installing carpet tiles is quite easy, even when you purchase them already attached. Often, the pieces you purchase will come with an adhesive backing which makes the installation process even easier and less frustrating. Carpet backing has a double layer of material that adheres to the back of the carpet tiles and helps to ensure an even application. The backing does not allow moisture or liquids to penetrate through to the backing and will cut down on the number of seams you have running throughout your room.

Available in custom designs

Many homeowners prefer to have custom designs applied to their walls. Carpet tiles provide a unique way to create patterns and design patterns on the wall-to-wall carpeting with ease. Rather than purchasing strips, roll-outs, or small rolls of carpet for custom designs, you can simply purchase the complete carpet tiles for the room from reputed and multi-collection carpet and tile store. By using pre-cut carpet tiles, you can easily create custom designs in less time and with less frustration. Custom carpet tiles provide a one-of-a-kind look with ease.


You can choose from a large variety of wool materials that make carpet tiles a popular flooring product today at Popular carpet materials include wool, nylon, and polyester. All of these materials have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s a good idea to do your research before making a selection. Popular carpet construction methods include flat weave, needle punched, and tufted. If you are trying to decide between carpet tiles and carpet construction, do some homework first and ask questions.

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