4 Compelling Reasons for buying villas for sale in Ajman    
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4 Compelling Reasons for Buying a Property in Ajman

  • November 17, 2021
  • 4 min read
4 Compelling Reasons for Buying a Property in Ajman

When we talk about the UAE, one immediately thinks of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. These cities are famous all over the world for their stunning architecture, iconic landmarks, and a host of attractions.

However, a silent neighbour of Dubai, Ajman, is also climbing the charts of popularity, albeit a little at a slow pace. The smallest of all emirates, Ajman lies on the Arabian Gulf’s coast and covers an area of 260 square kilometres. Despite the fact that its popularity is overshadowed by neighbouring emirates, it is home to several developments, which makes it an ideal choice to buy a property here.

Besides that, there are several other reasons why living in Ajman can be a wise decision. Let’s take a look at them:

1.      Bigger Homes

Ajman is considered a better option than Dubai as it features larger dwellings, suitable to accommodate big families. Check out the villas for sale in this emirate and compare their area with Dubai, you’ll see the difference clearly.

Bigger homes mean bigger and more spacious rooms. Therefore, you won’t have to be confined to smaller studios that also encapsulate a kitchen, as it’s the case in Dubai.

2.      Low Living Cost

One of the major perks of living in Ajman is that living cost is significantly lower here as compared to Dubai, or even Abu Dhabi. Starting from property prices, you can easily afford a villa here since the real estate prices are low in this emirate. This factor also makes it suitable for real estate investors. Since the future trends predict Ajman is going to see increased activity in the property market, they can leverage the low property rates and add more listings to their inventories.

They can rent out their properties for the time being until the prices shoot up and earn a passive stream of income through their capital assets.

Villas for sale in Ajman

Apart from property prices, living costs are also low. So, living in Ajman will allow you to have some savings in your account, which may prove to be a far-fetched dream if you are living in Dubai.

3.      A Quieter Lifestyle

Dubai is an advanced metropolis where you will find a landmark, attraction or skyscraper in almost every part. The emirate is bustling with visitors and tourists almost throughout the year. Furthermore, it is also a popular destination for many international events. Currently, Expo 2020 is attracting tourists from across the globe. The recently concluded Men’s T20 World Cup also saw a huge number of visitors pouring from participating countries.

While it’s good for the country’s economy and those seeking a vibrant lifestyle, the peace and tranquillity factor gets compromised due to all these happenings. Abu Dhabi, too, offers an active and vibrant lifestyle with a lot happening in the emirate.

When you live in Ajman, you can enjoy a quaint and tranquil lifestyle. There are no traffic hassles and other such issues since the emirate doesn’t have a lot of population.

4.      Proximity to Dubai

Dubai offers unparalleled opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and job seekers. This is why it is often regarded as the primary choice for anyone moving to the UAE. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to live in Dubai to avail these opportunities.

You can leverage all that Dubai offers by living in Ajman as there isn’t a lot of distance between both these emirates. The total distance between Dubai and Ajman is 40.7 km via E11, which can be covered in around 40 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. So, if you have landed a job in Dubai, but are looking for a more affordable and quiet lifestyle, you can choose a property in Ajman. Having said that, it is important that you have your own car; otherwise, you will spend a considerable amount of time on public transport commuting between the two emirates.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Ajman has a lot of potential waiting to be explored. You can easily find a property among many apartments and villas for sale in Ajman that meets your requirements and falls within your budget bracket. However, it is important to be careful and tactful in your property hunt. The ideal choice is to contact a reputable real estate portal that deals with residential properties in Ajman. If you want to test waters, live in a rental property initially and then decide if this emirate is suitable for you or not.