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October 2, 2022

Business opportunities in Kolar

  • January 21, 2022
  • 4 min read
Business opportunities in Kolar

Kolar The city of India’s Golden City is located in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the administrative centre of the District Of Karnataka and is noted for milk production, which recently overtook Denmark, as well as gold mining. Kolar is famed for its silk, milk, mangoes (India’s national fruit), and gold. Kolaramma is Kolar’s goddess. Kolar has the largest Agricultural produce market committee market in South India and the second largest in Asia.

Kolar is India’s leader in mango, tomato, and milk production, with exports to the United Kingdom, the USA, and the UAE, among other countries. Kolar. In Kolar, the temples of Kolaramma and Someshwara are noteworthy. Kolaramma temple is devoted to Shakti and was erected in the Dravida Vimana style in the second century. 

Why is it a great opportunity to start a business in Kolar?

Industrial area Kolar is renowned nowadays for the potential it holds. It is a good ground in India to establish businesses. You can utilize the options that Kolar has because the province has a lot of open spaces to work with. 

The types of businesses you can engage in

There are a variety of businesses that you can venture into in Kolar. There are some businesses that are more promising than others. But it is for you to decide which ones are better for you. Here are the details: 

Travel agency

You can start a travel agency in Kolar because there are a lot of places available in that place that you can roam around in. You can guide people there and earn from them travelling. 

Digital marketing 

Digital marketing is a really viable option that you can venture into if you want to start a business in Kolar. The place has a lot of untapped human resources that you can help and also earn from organising a company as well. 

Digital marketing is a rising business idea that many people around the world are entering into and it can be a good idea to work with digital marketing with people from Kolar.

Produce businesses

There is an abundance of produce businesses in Kolar. Many of them are even conditional visiting spots. Many farmers are in business by creating unions and selling their goods in the wider market. You can minimize the middleman who leeches the profit and actually make impactful welfare by bringing them the opportunity to get the wider market price for their products. Kolar produces milk, mango, tomatoes, and a variety of other fruits. The natural fertile soils of Kerala help in the production of these produces. 


There is a wide scope of opening up restaurants for the residents as we as the tourists. You can introduce a variety of distinct types. The labor can be the local residents who have skills and are interested in getting into the business of cooking and catering. This can be a great opportunity to develop their infrastructure and help them earn and develop a good business. 

Tailoring or garments

Garments are also a good business opportunity to start in Kolar. Kolar has a lot of natural resources and a good amount of land that you can use to build a fully functional garments factory. If you want to start a little bit low scale, you can start with tailoring shops and boutique showrooms. Then move on to getting a warehouse in Kolar and scale your business up more. 


Hopefully, you can explore your options and choose from these businesses to start and establish a business. There is a lot of human and natural resources available in Kolar. If you can utilize it properly, you can prosper your own company as well as do some good for the people that live there.

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