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March 27, 2023
Business Education

Business Cards Translation

  • December 21, 2021
  • 5 min read

In order to attract and increase the circle of potential clients and partners, many businessmen and entrepreneurs began to use this type of self-promotion as business cards. It is convenient, practical and helps to provide contact information to anyone without any effort. And for those who travel abroad on business trips, translation of business cards is a must. Not a single busy businessman will want to waste his minutes trying to figure out and understand in what language, the contact phone number and other information are written. It is in your best interest to conclude an agreement and keep in touch, keeping in touch with your partner.

            Therefore, you need to reasonably treat these things. You should not offer to do this work to acquaintances, friends or colleagues who once learned foreign languages ​​at school for a long time. Only translation agencies will be able to perform such a task with high quality and professionalism. Plus, they will always be responsible for their translation.

Design of business cards

            Immediately describe to the consultant all your basic requirements, discuss with him how the logo of your company will be changed. Since some translation centers may distort or transform the logo, thereby completely changing the concept of your company.

            The information on a business card should be extremely simple and concise, it should not be overloaded with complex sentences, artistic techniques and many color pictures. Basically, it should contain your personal data, phone number, mail address and company logo. You can think over the rest of the points yourself. But remember that a business card that is too bright and filled, on the contrary, will interfere with focusing on the main thing.

            Another big mistake is the literal translation of the address. It is worth your attention. Very often, due to such a miss, letters or other correspondence does not reach the recipient.

            Given the location you are heading to, the business card must meet its requirements. 

            One side of a business card should always remain blank, while all the necessary information will be located on the other side. This is not a whim or some kind of whim, it is just that there is an unspoken standard all over the world. If you follow these tips, your business card will become perfect and will help in some things.  

The meaning of apostille on documents

Before talking about the meaning of the apostille, you need to find out what it is and how they work with it. Apostille is considered to be a kind of seal that is put on documents to confirm their authenticity. But not all countries can use such a label, but only in those that have signed the Hague Convention. And have taken upon themselves the obligation to adhere to certain rules, among which is this.

It can be placed both on top of the document and on a regular blank sheet attached to papers.

In our country, the apostille can be affixed not only  by translation agencies , but also by other authorized state bodies.

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Let’s analyze which ones:

1. As for court papers and other notarial documents, the apostille is affixed by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.      

2. All papers related to educational institutions and education – Ministry of Education and Science.      

3. Documents such as police clearance certificates, doctors’ opinions and tax papers are certified transcription by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.      

As for the  translation centers , they also do not remain without work. They are responsible for affixing apostille to translations, stamps, signatures and so on. This usually takes several days, so plan your trip to the firm in advance.

But there is also a list of documents that, according to the Hague Convention, cannot be apostilled to anyone except diplomatic institutions.

It is worth paying attention to the design of your document. For example, documents that do not indicate the date of issue, are not signed by an authorized person or there is no outgoing number are not accepted for apostille. There are still a large number of nuances that are associated with registration. But you must be told about all these features before you submitted the documents. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time. 

When choosing a bureau in which you are going to undergo a similar procedure, carefully study the customer review., Make sure that they have all the necessary certificates and have the right to engage in such activities. Excessive care and verification in this matter will not hurt. Since documents play a major role in our life, if they are invalid. You can get into trouble, which certainly will not give you any pleasure.