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October 1, 2023

Bitcoin Buyer: The Official Bitcoin Trading Robot

  • April 12, 2022
  • 3 min read
Bitcoin Buyer: The Official Bitcoin Trading Robot

Many investors and traders’ efforts to get their hands on a trustworthy Bitcoin trading robot proved abortive repeatedly. And it is why they are skeptical of Bitcoin Buyer as a trading robot. It is understandable because many traders lost their money to one or more online apps claiming to be the real deal. However, this app is the only one designated by many as the official trading app for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And many of its features are explained here.

Features of Bitcoin Buyer

Free of use

An essential feature of this trading system is that creating an account is free. There is no signup fee or any hidden fee for usage. The only money you pay on the app is your deposit. And this minimum deposit is $250. well, this may seem too real to be true. However, it is the real deal. Bitcoin buyers will never ask for any fee to open an account.


The app has dual functionality. Users who are expert traders can use it manually and have control over how many things work on the platform. However, the best way to enjoy this automatic trading app is by running it in automatic mode. Bitcoin Buyer has an automation feature that enters and exits trades on behalf of traders. All the trader needs to do is set up some trading parameters. They can use the stop-loss to end a potentially losing transaction or the take-profit to take profit and exit trades after reaching a set limit.

Speedy deposit and withdrawal

Another beautiful thing about this app is the ease with which investors can make deposits and withdrawals. There are many options available on this platform to deposit due to the geographical spread of the investors. Some are bank transfers, credit cards, Paypal, and other online payment gateways. All deposits take a few minutes to reflect in your trading account.

It is also easy to withdraw your profits from the platform via all options previously stated. And it takes just under 24 hours to reflect in your local bank if you used a direct bank withdrawal. Note that there is also an automation option for withdrawals like trading.

Easy to use interface

One of the challenges many traders often face while using other trading apps is the complex interface encountered. However, the design of Bitcoin Buyer trading platform is superb. It has a delightful interface that users can navigate easily. All an investor needs are the ability to surf the internet. No prior knowledge is required to use this app.

Trusted brokers

Bitcoin Buyer’s reputation as a trading app is without a blemish. The app has a partnership with regulated brokers. And these brokers have great recognition in the trading industry. They follow and comply with all the laws governing crypto trading in their country of operation.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Buyer

Has no hidden fee:

Despite a high level of proficiency, there is no hidden fee to use this trading platform. Similarly, it does not require any charge to make a deposit or withdrawal. The only chargeable fees users may pay are those often administered by their local bank. 

Adequately secured

The security details of this application are military-grade in nature. It is famous for its impenetrable security protocols.

No prior knowledge is required.

The only required knowledge to use this application is literacy. Anyone who can read and handle mobile devices can easily make money with this app.