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November 30, 2023

Best Tips For a Successful Business According to Astrology

  • May 10, 2022
  • 4 min read
Best Tips For a Successful Business According to Astrology


Astrology is the study of the planetary bodies. It is based on the movements of the planets in your zodiac. Therefore, your horoscope is the primary base upon which the astrologer may reveal how negative planetary obstructions may be lowered. 

If you find that you can not get the best success in your life even after your best efforts, you must take suggestions from an astrologer. According to Astrology, planetary obstruction can affect your development. You can contact an accomplished astrologer in California to get specific remedies in such circumstances. The remedies are suggested according to your natal and other divisional charts. Apart from this, some general and other astrological remedies can also help gain success in business. 

Astrological Remedies

  • If you are in trouble running your business, try to spread dhuni of Rai in your working space on an Amavasya or No Moon day. It will help to evacuate negative energy and bring prosperity to your business. You can get an increase in your sales.
  • Whenever you buy some business products or some office material, also try to buy some toys with these products. Ensure to distribute these products among kids. It is believed that it will help you get financial benefits according. 
  • You can install an Energized Narmadeshwar Shivling and a Shree Yantra at your office or the place of doing the business operation. Worship the Shivling and the yantra daily to get luck and prosperity in business. 
  • If you want to expand your business, you can sprinkle a fistful of pepper and dark grams in your shop on Sundays. You must clean the place yourself and collect these things. Then, you must cover or bury them in a deserted place.
  • A Peepal leaf is also considered to influence your financial gain in business, according to astrologer. Place a Peepal leaf on Saturdays at your working place. After worshipping it, keep this leaf under your seat. Continue doing the same for seven Saturdays. After the completion of seven weeks, collect the seven leaves and flow the leaves in a river or water in a holy place.
  • You can also get financial benefits with some Besan ladoos. After taking some besan ladoos, wave them around your head seven times. Then feed these ladoos to a cow on Thursday.
  • Keep an idol of Lord Ganesha and Devi Lakshmi on the northeast side of your business area. It is considered auspicious according to astrology. 
  • Keep your working place clean and free from cobwebs, lizards, and other insects. It will ensure a healthy environment and bring good luck to you. 
  • Try to keep sea salt in a bowl at your shop or working place. It will cut off negativity from the surroundings. 
  • Try to keep a figurine of an owl in your locker or cupboard where you keep the money. It is believed to attract good fortune and prosperity for you. 
  • You can also place a Vastu Ashwyarya Laksmi’s image at the entrance door of your shop or office. The Northeast side is also auspicious to keep this image to attract gain in your business. 
  • If you face hardships in running your business smoothly, take an early morning bath and chant Gayatri Mantra to get good luck. You can also chant Aditya Hridaya Shothra to get a more prosperous business life.
  • A Swastika sign is considered auspicious according to Vedic Astrology. Draw a swastika sign on the entrance door of your working place. It is symbolic of prosperity and fortune.
  • Our forefathers are the best blessings to us in evry situation. Try to keep photographs of your forefathers to seek guidance and get blessings from them in your hard times. 
  • A mirror is also believed to enhance your financial growth. You can place a mirror in your locker and clean the mirror every day. Charge the mirror once a month in sunlight and place it again in your locker.


So, here are the best tips to attract good luck and financial success. You can also seek guidance from a reputed astrologer in New York who can guide you more to overcome the challenges and hardships for a smooth operation of your business.