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October 2, 2023

Best Summer Movies to Pair with Weed

  • July 14, 2022
  • 7 min read
Best Summer Movies to Pair with Weed

Summer is the time when one likes to cozy up by having some sun-grown buds. And, after smoking weed, your heart will surely call for hanging out with a few movies. After all, who doesn’t like to indulge in the incredible tradition of summer watching a film! The truth is that there’s no summer movie occurrence you can’t triumphantly augment with a small amount of cannabis. Irrespective of the fact whether you are watching the movies in a theatre or at home, watching the movies after taking a little bit of the CBD vape will surely fascinate you.   

It’s very common that the summer-released movies are literally about summer and catches summer vibes in one way or another. It’s top of the game when it’s summer and you’ve got weed to go with it and some incredibly entertaining movies to watch. So, this feature tells you the names of some of the best summer movies that, despite being summer-released and comprising chill summer vibes, will give you the best experience when you are baked. 

7 Best summer movies to pair with weed [comedy movie list]

So, here’s the list of seven extraordinary hazy movies that you can go for watching when you are stoned this very hot summer:

1. Friday:

This 1995 American F. Gary Gray-directed buddy stoner comedy flick will make your day after having some weeds. The writer of the story of this film is Ice Cube and Pooh. The stars who have debuted in this movie are Ice Cube, Nia Long, Tiny “Zeus” Lister (Jr.), Regina King, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mack, John Witherspoon, and Maria Horsford. The movie is all about two unemployed friends (Smokey face, Craig Jones) who face trouble as they become indebted to a provincial drug dealer. The movie hit 27.4 million dollars at the box office, which shows how popular it has been. The film exhibits Craig Jones being fired from his job and spending Friday with Smokey, his best friend, who is also a part-time drug peddler. 

Craig is inadvertently incriminated by Smokey in front of Big Worm regarding the payment of money and both of them got an ultimatum from Big Worm that they will be killed in case they could not pay the indebted money to him. Both Smokey and Craig then attempt to manage the sum of money somehow from someone but failed. Then some gunshot episodes happened in the film leading to Smokey’s stealing of money from the senseless Deebo and paying them to Big Worm. You will also see Smokey’s announcement in front of Big Worm before he goes to rehabilitation that he will never again sell drugs. The movie ends with Smokey’s dialogue that he was just bullshitting for so long, that the audience knows. He smokes a joint before he breaks the fourth wall. 

Expert Tip: Get some quality weed from the nearest dispensary and smoke them before watching this movie if you want to laugh out to the fullest. 

2. Next Friday:

This 2000 film is a sequel to ‘Friday’ and is directed by Steve Carr. The movie, distributed by New Line Cinema is started by Mike Epps, Tamala Jones, Ice Cube, John Witherspoon, and Tommy “Tiny” Lost Lister (Junior). The release date of this USA-released movie was 12 January 2000 and it was a big hit at the box office fetching much more than even “Friday”. It fetched nearly 59.8 million dollars. In this movie, you will see Craig bailing out his friend from trouble. He survives a climactic conflict with the bully, Debo, who resides nearby his house and broke up with the girl. So, in this movie, the bully, Debo is back after spending 2 years in jail. She is recently released from prison. Craig’s father, who continually feared for the security of his son, asked his son to stay with uncle Elroy. Nonetheless, Craig soon realizes that trouble will find out any person, no matter, where he lives. 

3. Due Date:

This movie is a road comedy and is great for watching after you vape out some weeds. The movie will enhance your enjoyment after vaping and will give you a different experience. ‘Due Date’ released on 5 November 2010 is a film that revolves around the story of a child’s birth. Peter Highman was required to reach Los Angeles within time so that he could make it for his baby’s birth. However, an aspiring actor named Ethan, with whom he was forced to travel repeatedly docks him in trouble. The Warner Bros. Pictures distributed movie is starred by Robert Downey (Jr.), Michelle Monaghan, Jamie Foxx, Zach Galifianakis, and Juliette Lewis. And, Christophe Beck composed its music.  The movie does have an incredible story written by Alan Freedland and Alan R. Cohen. 

Expert Tip: This hilarious movie should be watched after having some puffs of THC-O. Get a vape cart with the best strain from your local weed dispensary. Blue Dream or White Runtz THC-O cart will be the best companion for this ridiculously comedy movie.

4. Dazed and Confused:

This 90’s stoner dramedy (seminal) of Richard Linklater pursues the junior high students and Texas high school’s misadventures done on their last school day before the vacation for the summer fell. Their misadventures were committed in May 1976. With the adolescents’ navigation of relationships, prestige, and the onset of a fresh era, you will definitely feel a glimmer of nostalgia. Besides, the teens’ exuberant rebellion will rejoice you. 

5. We’re the Millers:

This 2013 comedy is all about a marijuana trader played by Jason Sudeikis. Due to his persuasion, his 3 lady neighbors (Will Poulter, Jennifer Aniston, and Emma Roberts) acted as if they are his family members, while he was busy smuggling nearly 2 tons of drugs across the border of the USA and Mexico. The hilarity, as well as danger, ensues as his mission unexpectedly brings the team nearer to one another. 

Expert Tip: THC-O gummies or some weed is must to have before you sit down and watch this cross-border comedy flick. 

6. 21 Jump Street:

This 2012 comedy cum action movie is a 1 hour 49 minutes film directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The actors Jonah Hill, Brie Larson, Rob Riggle, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, and Ice Cube acted superbly in this movie. The pieces of music for the movie are composed by the famous Mark Mothersbaugh and the film is adapted from the story of 21 Jump Street. The movie features two high school friends, Schmidt and Jenko, who have later become police officers in their life. They both go undercover pretending as students for busting a drug ring. They even succeed to find out a synthetic drug‘s source. 

7. Hangover 1:

This 2009 American comedy movie is supervised by Todd Philips. The film is co-produced with Goldberg and Lucas and Moore are the writer of its story. Also, the movie is the 1st installment in “The Hangover Trilogy”. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Jeffrey Tambor, Ed Helms, Heather Graham, and Ken Jeong are the actors and actresses in this movie. The film narrates the story of Stu Price, Doug Billings, Phil Wenneck, and Alan Garner, who journeys to Las Vegas for celebrating a bachelor’s party before Doug’s marriage. Nevertheless, Alan, Stu, and Phil wake up along with Doug missing the remembrances of the events of the previous night. They have to find the wedding’s groom before the occurrence of the wedding. 

Expert Tip: Though this movie is super hilarious but if you want some extra fun, get hold of quality hemp edibles or THC-O vape. This will augment the fun definitely. 

Wrapping Up:

Hey! Which of the above movie would you like to play as you relax on the sofa after smoking your favorite weed? Do you like action, comedy, or drama? Well! We have included all of the types in this same write-up and you can choose whichever you want. So, have your beloved Indica or Sativa CBD weed, relish the movie you like, and make it your day.