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March 28, 2023

Benefits of Entrusting Product Design Services to Dolphin Industry

  • January 7, 2022
  • 3 min read
Benefits of Entrusting Product Design Services to Dolphin Industry

When it comes to manufacturing parts or components on a large scale, you need to spot one of the best engineering services. It is noteworthy that such a manufacturer should be reliable, commit to a mutually agreed schedule, and do not compromise on the parts’ high standards and quality. The company must have a full team of highly skilled workers and technical experts who can advise clients on any area from the sketching stage to the finishing stage.

Among a few leading companies, the Dolphin Industry Hong Kong Limited has some of the most advanced equipment and technology used during the manufacturing process. You may contact them at their official website here at dolphinindustry.com so that you can place your requirements at the earliest.

Strong Design and Technical Team to Assist Clients

The company has one of the most experienced and skilled technical teams to help clients make informed decisions on the prototype of parts they need. You will be initiated into their technical knowledge base remotely, and this starts from the moment you give your sketch. It would imply that you want it done as it is or that it may require some changes. In any case, the Product Design Services at Dolphin Industry will take the necessary steps after ascertaining the requirements of the completed part at your end.

From this moment, the next stages of designing the part are making the mold out of injection molding, testing the sample, and clearing with the client for mass production of the same. The company also takes orders for small quantities of parts or components that require frequent changes in design. It is mostly done with 3D engineering.

When the sample of a component or part is tested and checked, the next stage is producing the same in large quantities. In all phases of Product Manufacturing Services, the client and the company technical experts work hand-in-hand to error-free the final product.

Competitive Pricing of all Services

The Dolphin Industry is poised globally to extend services at very competitive prices. Many clients feel that they get top-notch services at a lower cost than at other manufacturers. Since cost is the biggest factor in any manufacturing process, cutting down on initial expenses can bring down the final prices of the completed product of the client.

You can decide by weighing options of whether to produce your component or part using injection molding, CNC machining, or 3D manufacturing. You will be given the pros and cons of every Product Engineering Services at Dolphin Industry by their skilled technologists before the designing stage starts.

It is noteworthy that injection molding produces less scrap than CNC machining, which means less cost for clients. It implies that injection molding can recycle or re-melt scraps for using the same again. Again it is studied that 70 to 80% of the total cost of a part or component is determined during the designing stage, and hence the process must be flawless. Therefore there must be complete transparency between the company and the client.

The company will do the rest.