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November 28, 2023

Automatic SERP Scraping by All-SERP!

  • August 11, 2021
  • 3 min read
Automatic SERP Scraping by All-SERP!

What is SERP API?

SERP API or SERP scraper is the tool that is used to scrape search engines and extract information from them. SERP API increases the speed of SERP scraping and saves time significantly.

If you have tried manual SERP scraping, you know that search engines do not allow the users to do bulk searches. Google, Yahoo and other search engines block the users and do not allow them to perform bulk searches.

While SERP APIs and SERP scrapers have solved the matter of restriction and bulk searches can be done in minutes and with no pause. SERP APIs make the process of SERP scraping simple, fast, and reliable if you use a trustworthy SERP scraper.

All-SERP SERP scraper

All-SERP has a premium quality SERP API through which the process of SERP scraping has become easy and simple.

It provides high quality, fresh and accurate results in minutes. Moreover it has the highest speed of SERP and web scraping which happens in minutes and with no latency. It removes all limitations and with no block, bulk queries are replied.

All-SERP tools

  • Google image search API of All-SERP scrapes Google to collect images of different formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and etc.
  • Google video search API of All-SERP extracts videos from Google search engine. Different formats are supported like FLV, MKV, and so on.
  • Google maps search API of All-SERP can scrape Google to get the locations and routes that are recorded in Google map.
  • Google ads search API of All-SERP allows the users to extract advertisements from Google search engine.
  • Google shopping search API of All-SERP extracts products and services data and prices in real time.
  • Google local search API of All-SERP provides the data related to a certain location and area.
  • Google knowledge graph search API of All-SERP extracts the data of companies that are mentioned in knowledge graphs of Google.
  • All-SERP also covers other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask and DuckDuckGo too.

All-SERP features

  • All-SERP has an easy to use website. The process of sign up and data extraction can be done easily and fast.
  • All-SERP speed is really high and need the minimum of time to provide the data compared with similar tools and SERP APIs.
  • The gathered information is correct, valid, fresh and accurate. It guarantees the accuracy of the provided data.
  • All-SERP solves the Captchas automatically and controls the proxies smartly.
  • All-SERP provides both organic and paid results.
  • All programing languages are supported by All-SERP like Python and Java, PHP, Go, Curl, and Ruby.
  • Your credits in All-SERP are lifetime! It means that they exist for ever and ever unless you apply them. Your credits are not wasted at the end of the month, we save them for you for always!
  • All-SERP SERP API provides 50 free credits after sign-up.
  • If you need more volume of search, you can tell us via email. Then we can provide packages with more volume for you.
  • Years of experience and knowledge have helped All-SERP to become the leading SERP API of the market