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March 25, 2023

Armstrong’s Stretch Wrapping Machine is the talk of the town

  • August 19, 2021
  • 5 min read
Armstrong’s Stretch Wrapping Machine is the talk of the town

It is very uncommon and irritable to imagine if you have ordered some package in bulk and it comes improperly wrapped or torn due to the shipping from a far place. No, we can’t imagine that. Think about such an item kept in bulk at a warehouse and not wrapped properly. It will not bother you? It will.

For the storage and shipping of the package, what’s important is to wrap the packages properly. Now to wrap such items in bulk at a warehouse and keep it safe is quite a big task but with the automation services, stretch wrapping has been made easy.

The products that are produced by the factories need to be stored at the warehouses in a proper manner. Now we all know about how the items are kept at warehouses. They need extra care and proper management. If the package is not properly wrapped, it may get wasted. To store the packages properly in the warehouses, the packages need to be wrapped tightly and effectively. For the same, the stretch wrapping machines are introduced in the market and which has been taken up by so many industrial automation companies.

Armstrong, the Industrial Automation Company in Pune, also provides the facility of the stretch wrapping with their stretch wrapping machine facility which is the talk of the town these days.

Armstrong and Stretch Wrapping Machine

After putting the required items in the box of cartons, it is necessary to wrap it with a proper wrap so that it doesn’t get torn while shipping. Well, with just the manpower, wrapping of the packages or cartons is a very big task as the cartons are so much in numbers and also the human error may cause a bigger problem for the companies and industries while the shipping and delivering of the packages. How can it be done in a much easier way? Stretch Wrapping Machine is the answer.

Stretch Wrapping Machines are automatic and semi-automatic machines, used for the packaging of a large number of packages. With the help of the Stretch Wrapping Machine, the packages can be easily wrapped and stored, and further shipped without any harm to the inner product. Armstrong with its wrapping services is building up a strong foundation of safe and reliable services with higher trust from the clients to the company.

Stretch Wrapping Machines

Now, this stretch wrapping machine comes with varied technology tools used in it and thus there are various types of stretch wrapping machines you should know about. These different stretch wrapping machines come under two categories: Turntable and Rotary.

Firstly, let us discuss turntable stretch wrapping machines, one by one.

  •     HLS

This stretch wrapping machine uses a sensor for the wrapping of the packages which has a top platon for the higher loads and it can work on 30 pallets per hour.

  •     HLS-TP

 HLS2000 is a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine that uses sensors for the wrapping of packages. It has improved turntable design and similar to HLS, it can work on 30 pallets per hour.

  •     FE-LP

FE-LP machines can come in both automatic and semi-automatic models. They are used for the pallet load that contains random height and is up to 2000 kgs. As per the requirement, depending on different load sizes, machines can be custom designed. It contains the photo-eye sensing option which helps to sense the height of the loaded item automatically.

FE-LP also comes in a dual-turntable configuration for the items that have increased throughput capacity. In the applications such as exporting palletized cargo, etc. this could be used. It can also handle up to 30 loads per hour. It has the facility of speed variation, modular components, and internal speed controls.

  •     FECW Carton Wrapper

FECW Carton Wrapper comes with top platen and turntable can wrap the package at all surfaces. It has 0-300 percent variable pre-stretch, an independent film tension adjustment facility, 800 mm operating height, and PLC logic control as well.

Now, let us discuss Rotary stretch wrapping machines, one by one.

  •     Cobra-Lite

Cobra-Lite is a portable stretch wrapping machine that has rotary arms and an up-down carriage as well so that the whole package can be wrapped easily.

  •     Cobra III

Cobra III is a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. The packages that are unstable, varied in size, shape, length, and weight, can be easily handled through Cobra III machines.

  •     Spider

Spider is a radial and axial stretch wrapping machine. It has a rotating film carriage and wrapping facility. It helps in packaging the product easily while protecting it from dust and foreign particles and also provides the cushioning effect while handling the reel. It helps in the reduction of packaging time, increases productivity rate, and also reduces the lower manpower cost.

Armstrong’s Stretch Wrapping Machine, talk of the town

The Stretch Wrapping Machine facility provided by Armstrong is proving helpful to a lot of leading companies, factories, industries, and warehouses and thus quite trending as well. At a very affordable cost, their product gets better safety and security, increased productivity and throughput, and decreased time and energy consumption.

As there are varied Stretch Wrapping Machines available in the market, Armstrong provides the best service you need for the packaging of pallets and packages with their automated and semi-automated modules for wrapping.

Wrap it up with Armstrong

Why search here and there, when Armstrong is available with all one needs. Every warehouse, factory, and industry can get facilitated with Armstrong’s best of the services in a customized amount with better safety for their packages. In case a warehouse is looking for a stretch wrapping machine for their products or packages, Armstrong could be the one-stop for them. Kindly visit Armstrong’s website for more details related to Stretch Wrapping Machine.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful to you. Thanks for reading!