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November 28, 2023


  • May 10, 2022
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Anker has been running difficulty to diversify its product line for the beyond few years, and its access into the actual wireless black earbuds market has already induced pretty a stir. Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 is consistent with the company’s wonderful naming scheme for its products. Thankfully, it is also consistent with their recognition for offering solid earphones at the best prices. This assessment will look at what you have to expect in case you buy the Spirit X2, however, we will additionally make a few comparisons with the Power Beats Pro.

Where to Buy Anchor Sound Core Spirit X2?

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 is to be had for buy from many online shops or even a few brick and mortar stores. Please click on any of the hyperlinks beneath to peer the modern rate of this earphone.

What is the Spirit X2 designed for?

Sound Core makes no mistake approximately focused on the Spirit X2 Power Beats Pro to the market. They can be utilized by people who are going to work. For a protracted-lasting, hardworking, sturdy, and a laugh sound. All the capabilities make it a top-notch earphone for the gym, running, or general mobility.

What is the same old construction?

They are a strong set of earphones, thoroughly and with appropriate material. Now no longer what I predicted on earphones with an RRP of much less than $ 100. They experience top-notch in the hand with the susceptible points of the chassis and now no longer sufficient stiffness in the body. I appreciated the soft contact matte finish, which supplied a higher grip than shiny with sweaty hands.

The case is a completely big unit. It’s without a doubt now no longer as smooth and pocket-sized as an AirPod case, however, it does have sufficient juice for 4 complete prices of the earphone. Together with the battery, the scale of the earbuds has to be so big. This is a well-made plastic case with a rubber shape and a sturdy sealing mechanism to make sure that they do now no longer fall off while you positioned them in the bag.

Pairing and Charging

Charging is done in the delivery case, which has an inner battery, so the earphones do now no longer want to be plugged into the power source. Your location them inside the drains around them and in the case. This will align the charging pins at the earphones with the pins at the case.

Earphones also are very easy to connect. You first remove the earbuds from the case, and they may automatically switch to pairing mode. Then grab your device, a smartphone for maximum users, and search for the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 for your Bluetooth settings. One click on it has to make you paired, and also you do not have to repeat the manner whenever you need to apply them. As lengthy as you’ve got Bluetooth on while you dispose of them from the case, they have to automatically pair together along with your device.