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January 18, 2022

An ultimate guide to choosing different shapewear types

  • January 6, 2022
  • 3 min read
An ultimate guide to choosing different shapewear types

Today you have a wide range of shapewear available for women to help smooth and flatter their unique bodies. Some body shapers are majorly crafted for the torso while others focus on defining body parts like arms, breasts etc. Some shapewear sculpt your body while others offer post-surgical recovery to patients. 

Different compression levels offered by different types of shapewears:

Low compression: This compression level is comfortable to wear and offers compression to specific areas of your body while smoothing others. It should be worn by someone looking for light compression looking forward to wearing shapewear throughout the day. 

Moderate compression: This compression offers higher compression with zero compromise in comfort. If you have had a habit of wearing shapewear and you want slimming and contoured look, then you should choose moderate compression garments.

Firm compression: It is the highest compression offered by a shaping garment. It helps slim your silhouette and improves your posture. If you want to look your best at an event, then firm compression shapewear is a good option. It makes you look your sexy best!

Check out some of the varieties of shapewear and their benefits.

Waist cinchers

Waist trainers or cinchers are the best shapewear to define and contour your waist. They create an hourglass figure. They are available in a wide range of styles and different compression levels. You can wear them during workouts too. Wear them under any type of clothes to avoid lines and seams. They don’t just smooth and slim your midsection but also improve posture and lower back strain. You can check out for double belt waist trainer online and go for them by learning all about them easily from net.

Butt shapers

They fit high on the torso to cover your hips. They work to smooth the lower tummy part. They flatten your tummy, thighs and lift and enhance buttocks with specialty cuts and seams. They designed to create an effortless hourglass figure hiding all the bulges. The high-waist shapers smooth the belly area, flatter that appealing silhouette and reveal your voluptuous curves.

Side zipper shapewear

The side zipper shapewear shapes your waist, thighs and hips. It highly recommended for daily usage after delivery or any other surgery such as liposuction. The best thing about this shapewear is that it comes with a side zipper to help you adjust the garment accordingly. A zipper adds to the comfort of the wearer. It slims down your waist, thighs and offers all over compression. It lifts your breasts, enhances your buttocks and gives you complete support.


Bodysuits designed to offer an all-over slimmer silhouette. They offer coverage from your lower bottom to your bust and upper back. Best shapewear bodysuits remove the bunching which occurs below the bra. All bodysuits offer complete torso support. They are a compression garment that highlights all your assets in the right places and conceal all your body flaws. It makes you feel sexier without compromising on the compression.

Regardless of the type of shapewear you choose, make sure it targets all the areas you want to address. SculptShe has the best collection of all types of shapewears. Check out the range now and buy your favorite. 

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