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November 28, 2023

All the Information you need about Costs and Funds of FTMO 

  • November 21, 2022
  • 4 min read
All the Information you need about Costs and Funds of FTMO 

To use FTMO as a funded trader, you must pay a charge. Your first profit share from your funded trading account will include the cost you paid if you are successful in becoming funded trader. You can start a new challenge if you don’t complete the three steps, but you’ll have to pay the price once again.

The chosen risk level and the specified trading account balance are two factors that affect the charge structure. You always make payments in the local currency. If you are in the United States, for instance, you pay in USD. You pay in euros if you are an EU citizen, etc.

Risk Degree: Ordinary

  • 10,000 accounts: a charge of $139.50
  • 250.00 for a 25,000 account: charge
  • Account with 50,000: $310.50 charge
  • Account 100,000: $486.00 charge
  • 972.00 charge for a 200,000 account

Level of Risk: Aggressive

  • 10,000 accounts: $225 charge
  • Account with 25,000: 310.50 charge
  • 486.00 charge for a 50,000 account
  • 972.0 fee for a 100,000 account

As you can see, there aren’t 200,000 accounts accessible at the aggressive risk level, and the charges are comparable to the regular risk level’s next higher level. With the usual risk level, for instance, you pay 225 for the 25,000 accounts, but with the aggressive risk level, you only receive the 10,000-account challenge for 225.

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Platform Insights for FTMO

You may log in to the FTMO dashboard once you’ve registered with FTMO by beginning your favorite trading challenge or signing up for the free trial. From this page, you may access the trading academy, the FTMO account, and other resources.


The FTMO MetriX section will keep note of every trade that is done. To access the tracking dashboard, go to your FTMO dashboard, select the current FTMO Challenge, and then select MetriX. The status, challenge start and finish dates, account size, supplier, platform of choice, and your most recent results are all displayed here. 

You may also view the 4 rules and the Trading Objectives status of your challenge.

  • 10 Trading Days at a Minimum
  • Daily Maximum Loss
  • Total Maximum Loss
  • Profit Objective

You can go on to the next phase if all of the objectives have been completed. In the FTMO MetriX display, a trade diary is also shown. To get the most recent information if you are an active trader, click the refresh button at the top.

Prop Trading Firm’s 

For trading in the stocks, bonds, forex, cryptocurrency, indices, futures, and commodities markets, a prop trading corporation hires experienced traders and finances them with corporate cash. These traders are trained to make money and share earnings with the business.

The traders can receive further assistance, training, retraining, expert coaching, and professional trading tools from a prop trading business.

Most of the time, prop trading organizations will create strict trading regulations to help traders and control the activity to maximize profit-making and minimize loss-making. The ideal process for recruiting a professional trader at one of the best prop trading firms begins with a tiered assessment, mostly through evaluation test accounts on which the novice trader must demonstrate that they possess the necessary abilities.

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There is a relatively new prop trading platform called FundedNext that serves Forex traders from all around the world. They stand out from the competition right away by providing a 15% profit split during the review process. If you are successful in maintaining consistently profitable accounts, the company will pay you well.

If you maintain your profitability over the course of four months, you are entitled to a 40% increase in your account balance. It’s also quite easy to get FundedNext up and running. You choose your preferred funding model when you sign up (Express or Evaluation), begin trading regularly, and eventually earn the title of certified funded trader.

Your life is made even easier by FundedNext by designating a dedicated account manager. These account managers are available whenever you need them to respond to your questions and concerns.

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  • Profit Division: 90% Maximum
  • 15% profit sharing during the evaluation phase
  • Allocated a dedicated account manager
  • Scale-Up Plan for $4M
  • There are two different funding model options available.
  • There are mobile applications for both Android and iOS.


  • Suitable for all trading philosophies
  • Little commission
  • Instantaneous account access
  • Favorable to traders leverage
  • Unlimited assessment


The Express model does not offer a weekend holding option.

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