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  • August 9, 2021
  • 5 min read

Considered as the most elevated peak in the Great Himalayan locale of Uttarakhand and popular as ‘Nag Tibba Range’, the Nag Tibba trek is a brilliant enjoyment for experiencing sweethearts across the world. Arranged at the stature of 3,050 meters, the spot is loaded up with peaceful magnificence and exciting trekking courses through thick woods and glades. 


The pinnacle is named after Serpent God as local people have a conviction that Nag Devta abides in the slopes. Truly, it’s a sacred site where lovers pay veneration and supplications to the god. 


Trekking and Camping Experience 


Nag Tibba is a round trek that starts from Pantwari, a little town in Uttarakhand. The trekking first takes the trekkers to the Nag Devta Temple and later the course goes through rich green pine and Deodar backwoods and excellent streams that keep you near the crude magnificence of nature. Further, the path offers a chance to investigate terraced ranches and little villages, which acquires a feeling of energy trekkers and removes all exhaustion. 


The setting up camp experience is an additional appeal to the trek. The sensation of going through a night in the valley of timberland and mountains under the glazy stars is really illogical. Moreover, the Nag Tibba trek is prescribed to all, particularly to the amateurs. 


Time to trek Nag Tibba 


Pursuing mountains and arriving at the culmination is something that each experienced sweetheart couldn’t imagine anything better than to enjoy. I for one love trekking on high territories through grand scenes and activity stuffed courses that offer a ton of rush and satisfaction. In the midst of the staggering trekking objections of India, Nag Tibba is a moderate trek, yet without a doubt, the most thrilling one. It is an excursion where a trekker would investigate the secret miracles of nature and respect the immaculate excellence of the Himalayas. Following through lovely streams, rocky waterways, lavish timberlands and beautiful glades, is definitely a rare encounter. Along these lines, one fine day, I chose to test my actual potential by competing with my companions for a Nag Tibba trekking endeavor. 


We stuffed everything, from comfortable garments to trekking shoes, and were prepared to start our campaign. We loaded onto a trip at 5 am in the first part of the day and showed up at Jolly Grant Airport in the next two hours. From that point, we recruited a taxi that dropped us at Pantwari town. En route to the town, we crossed one of Uttarakhand’s most well known pleasant slope stations, Mussoorie. In a discussion with the driver, we came to think about fantastic Kempty Falls in the lap of an emerald valley. It is a much-adored end of the week spot for nearby inhabitants who come here for the excursion and to appreciate water sports. 


We chose to visit the site and came there in another 30 minutes. We took an invigorating dunk in the chilled normal pool. There was lavish vegetation lining the two sides of the cascade. Clearly, I needed to catch a few pictures in my camera. We had loads of fun at this dazzling spot! Our spirits were powerfully satisfied with the astounding hints of the spouting water and musical twittering of the wild birds. 


While going on the smooth expressway street, huge sections of land of green farmlands and different blooming plants and trees blooming in the lap of nature kept us occupied with its entrancing excellence.Prior to beginning the trek, we had some espresso and a few bites that helped us in scaling the highest point. Afterward, we slogged on a solidified way that was going vertical from the primary town market 


The path was steep and fabulous perspectives on icy valleys, adrenaline siphoning streams, thick pine backwoods, pastureland and high height gave a remarkable blend of rush and energy. We ate in an eatery and afterward moved towards the campground. It took around 5 hours and we came there before sun-down. Our visit delegate had set up a camp for us and we went through the night there. Additionally, after supper, the huge fire under the glittery sky was so invigorating! 


Next morning, we woke up to an amazing perspective on the dawn which was a stand-out experience. A while later, we scrubbed down and delighted in rich Aloo Paratha with a hot cup of tea for breakfast. Later on, we began trekking and met a few local people and herders who purchased their goats and cows to take care of them on the prairie. We kept climbing for nearly 2 kms and scaled the Nag Tibba top in the next 3 hours. Here, we got an opportunity to partake in a lovely sight of the snow-covered mountains and I caught the most engaging perspectives on Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Neelkanth tops in my DSLR. We remained there for a piece and afterward followed the course back as it took us to the headquarters. We went through that evening in tents and next morning we were going towards the air terminal.

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