Alcohol detox - what you should know about it    
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December 4, 2023

Alcohol detox – what you should know about it

  • April 23, 2022
  • 4 min read
Alcohol detox – what you should know about it

Alcohol is the most popular drug in the world, legal and commonly consumed in most countries. It affects the nervous system, causes relaxation, inhibits resistance and changes behavior. Overuse of alcohol leads to long stretches and the inability to stop them. As a result, a person who becomes excessively drunk becomes alcoholic. In the event of an attempt to discontinue high-percentage drinks, the addicted person begins to struggle with many unpleasant symptoms and, in order to relieve himself, continues to drink. Such a vicious circle leads to the fact that both the patient and his environment are unable to remedy the addiction and the struggle to break the prolonged alcoholic drink begins.

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What is an alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is the most effective method to break your drinking habits. The addict poisons his body when drinking excessively. Alcohol contains a number of toxins, disturbs the body’s water and electrolyte balance, flushes out essential minerals and vitamins, and slowly destroys the internal organs and human psyche. After some time, alcohol enters the addict’s metabolic processes, which means that quitting drinking on your own is at risk of endangering your life and health. The body needs alcohol to function, and a lack of alcohol is the same as a lack of food and water.

Medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use is also the first and most important step in dealing with alcoholism. Only after comprehensive detoxification is the patient ready to start drug addiction treatment.

In such cases, the most important is the help of qualified medical staff, which will allow you to effectively stop drinking alcohol and allow the patient to return to sobriety. Alcohol detoxification involves the administration of fluids and the necessary pharmacological agents that will help flush out toxins, cleanse the body and alleviate the symptoms associated with the occurrence of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Alcohol detox is also the first and most important step in dealing with alcoholism. Only after comprehensive detoxification is the patient ready to start drug addiction treatment.

Can you do an alcohol detox yourself?

There are risks involved in giving up alcohol on your own. After prolonged alcohol abuse, the patient’s body and psyche are exhausted. In many cases, a sudden cessation of drinking or a drastic reduction in the amount of alcohol consumed may lead to the development of hallucinations, delirium, alcoholic epilepsy, and in extreme cases to a heart attack, a pressure breakthrough, and even death. It should also be noted that addicted people hardly endure alcohol abstinence syndrome, the effects of which can be observed even a few days after stopping alcohol. These are the reasons why patients, despite stopping drinking, turn to alcohol again. Only medical intervention and utilzing options like a West Palm Beach alcohol rehab allow the problem to be resolved effectively and painlessly.

In many cases, carrying out alcohol detoxification helps to save the patient’s life and health. Alcohol strings can extend up to several days, weeks or even months. Self-withdrawal from alcohol is always risky and can be extremely dangerous to your health. Therefore, we do not recommend that you perform an alcohol detox on your own.

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Can alcohol detoxification be done at home?

Alcohol detox can be performed at home, but must be supported by professional medical staff. You should not take medications or drips while under the influence, on your own. Our clinic specializes in alcohol detoxification both in stationary conditions and at the patient’s home. Home alcohol detoxification, also known as a hangover drip, is based on emergency care at the patient’s place of residence. Home detox allows you to maintain intimacy during the procedure, but it is associated with the fact that the patient is not under the doctor’s supervision 24 hours a day. It is also worth noting that prolonged lines that last more than a week will not necessarily be averted after a single visit. In such cases, we always recommend staying in our stationary facility, which is highly effective in breaking alcohol strings.

What does an alcohol detox look like?

Depending on whether alcohol detoxification is carried out in our inpatient facility or at the patient’s home, the detoxification process is different.