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A detail Look at the features of GBWHATSAPP

  • March 25, 2022
  • 4 min read
A detail Look at the features of GBWHATSAPP

You all know about WhatsApp and its use. It is one of the most popular messaging applications that is used worldwide. Every application always follows some rules and regulations. Similarly, WhatsApp also restricts their features which every user dreams of. What if you can use all those features that the original WhatsApp did not allow. Recently, an app named “GBWhatsApp” has been launched. It is the modified version of the original WhatsApp with some additional features like Changing themes, hiding double ticks, more emojis, using multiple accounts, and much more. It also provides extra privacy, and it is free of cost. You don’t need to pay any money for using it. Let’s discuss all features of GBWhatsApp one by one. 

Set Auto-reply

One of the best features that the original WhatsApp did not have is Auto-reply. For example, you are selling your product through the WhatsApp platform, a client messages you but you are not available at that moment, then you can set Auto Reply messages like “I’ll reply to you in a moment” or something else. 

Off Double tick

In GBWHATSAPP, when someone sends you a message and you don’t want them to know that you read the message, then you can turn off the double tick option. Just go to settings, privacy, and click the second tick. The double tick option will be closed. 

Download themes

In GBWhatsApp, you can customize your WhatsApp interface design. For downloading, just go to GB settings, select the Download themes option, and choose your desired theme. After you select, click the apply button. It will automatically apply to your GBWhatsApp. You can also select the more option below download themes option to customize the theme of your own choice. 

Disable WhatsApp calls 

You can disable calls on GBWhatsApp pro. Just click three dots, GB settings will pop up, select it. Then go to the “other mods” option.  Then select the “Disable Voice calls” option. Three options will come.  You can select the option you need. 

Is GBWhatsApp safe?

There are two modded versions of the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus and GBWhatsApp. Both can be used without any fear. Your account will not be banned. 

Actually, all codes of android apps are encrypted, but the stylesheet information is not encrypted. The modified version of WhatsApp uses the non-encrypted script to customize the WhatsApp UI and built-in features. But sending and receiving messages is still using the original WhatsApp. That’s why it is as secure as the original WhatsApp. 

New update features

Recently, GBWhatsApp updated its features and also added some new features like no more crashing, added new emojis, using Google play stickers in GBWHATSAPP without any bugs, Dark themes, Backup chats, status download feature, and fixing many other bugs. 

Download GBWhatsApp

Always download GBWhatsApp from its official website or from the link we provided. Do not download from non-secure sites. You may download the wrong malicious APK file that will spread the virus in your phone and steal the data. It is a third-party application so before downloading you have to allow download from an unknown source in your device settings.

GBWhatsApp is available for all android devices, but you can’t use it on iOS devices. 

Cons of GBWhatsApp

You can use the GBWHATSAPP only if you have the original WhatsApp application downloaded on your smartphone. 


GBWhatsApp is a secure platform where you can message, call everyone without any worries. It is just the modified version of the original WhatsApp. Always check for the new update of GBWHATSAPP to enjoy more new features. No need to get bored with simple WhatsApp and Download GBWHATSAPP to experience the fun,

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