A Day of Fun and Discovery of Atlantis Aquaventure Park    
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December 8, 2022

A Day of Fun and Discovery of Atlantis Aquaventure Park

  • October 12, 2021
  • 6 min read
A Day of Fun and Discovery of Atlantis Aquaventure Park

No matter from which age group you belong to, the water is fun and love for everyone. If you are even a grown up father the water could make you a small child in a minute. It’s a global fact people plan water parks with their family and loved ones for enjoying a day which is full of mental peace and amazing activities. You might feel this word “whole day” in a park, but it’s a fact that water park are the places where at the end of the day you will definitely think that how all the have been passed, you even didn’t notice. Water has a power to keep you engaged with its calm, peace giving tides for a whole day and night. The every time of day has a different beauty level when you are near to water. The beauty you’ll notice in morning cannot be compare with the charm you’ll feel in the evenings. At Atlantis Aquaventure Park they have created an environment which will capture all your attention and time conscious feelings. What if when this all fun loving activities are coming with cool discounts too? Don’t forget to use Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass Discount code when you are buying a full day pass for this wonderful world of fun and entertainment. 

The Record Breaking Slides

Our world is full of adventure and thrill seekers. They do not lose a single chance to experience the thrills they come to know from any part of the world. Same happened when Atlantis Palm, announced the launching of Atlantis Aquaventure Park. The most thrilling and adventures slides are one of the main attractions in Aquaventure. With over 79 record breaking slides this place is ready to share an out of the world experiences with visitors. Slides like Leap of Fate, the 98 feet mega waterslide which could shoots you with a speed of 60 km/h in 3 seconds and other amazing slides which will never let you stop the fun include Zoomerango, Slithrines, Poseidon’s Revenge and Aquaconda. Experience one of these breaths taking slide but book your ticket using Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass Discount which will make you eligible for cool discounts. 

Atlantean Flyer

Have you ever travelled over the heads while sitting on a seat tied with a rope on head? If you are going to Atlantean flyer, it means you will travel 65 feet above the Atlantis Aquaventure Park. The speed of travel might be around 15 km/h. This breath taking experience could last long for one or few minutes and will give you a bird’s eye view of this beautiful and attractive tropical island. Don’t forget to use Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass Discount code at the time of booking. 

Dolphin Bay

Dolphins are most faithful friends of humans. They love to meet and play with you. At Aquaventure experience the love of dolphins at Dolphin bay. Here you will get knowledge about Dolphins but will also get a chance to dive in and spend some time with them by swimming. Get a chance to experience this by booking for Aquaventure. You can use Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass Discount to avail attractive discounts as well. 

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Tower of Neptune:

This specific tower is nine stories high along with having the massive vertical drop, attracting everyone who visits Atlantis Aquanventure in Dubai, so you should also gear up to enjoy maximum there. There, the drop leads you through acrylic tube while being surrounded by awesome manta rays as well as sharks. It means that your visit to Atlantis Aquanventure is incomplete without visiting this particular tower. You can enjoy the perfect shark lagoon while being entrenched in the tube and this journey is known as the shark attack. 

Lost Chambers Aquarium:

It is another awesome activity that you should get indulged in while visiting this must-visit tourist attraction. Indeed, it is the most favorite place to visit in Atlantis Aquanventure for kids, so you must bring your family there and enjoy completely. While visiting this place, you find about the widest array of marine species, so never miss out this opportunity and make a trip unforgettable. 

Opt for a Helicopter Tour: 

It is true that you cannot help praising the view of Atlantis above from the sky and for that you can opt for a helicopter tour. It is the best opportunity for gliding over its massive skyscrapers. There is the widest array of packages with various routes, so choose the one that attracts you most; thus, you make your visit to this attraction memorable. One thing is very clear that nothing can beat the experience of flying over beautiful coastline. 

Sea Lion Point:

Yes, visiting it is also inevitable and you find awesome sea lions, so stop thinking anymore and plan to go there for having maximum fun. With getting a chance to kiss these perfect harmless creatures, you also have a chance of playing with them. That is not all; you can also take awesome pictures with these marine creatures. Yes, it is also the ideal place to take kids and they will definitely enjoy a lot. This particular place is situated at the Dolphin Bay’s eastern side, so you have no option to visit this place.  

Visit ShuiQi Spa:

Got tired after getting indulged in various fun activities in Atlantis Aquaventure? Visit ShuiQi Spa to relax entirely and get ready to visit another tourist attraction of Dubai. In this specific spot, you get a chance to enjoy the widest array of spa treatments at the affordable prices. There, you find both contemporary and traditional therapies, so you should never miss a chance to relax yourself without putting any burden on your pocket. This spa spot enables you to relax mentally and physically.  

Take Away

Above-mentioned are the must-do activities in Atlantis Aquaventure, so you should add all of them into your bucket list and get ready to enjoy maximum in this tourist attraction without spending huge amount of money.