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October 1, 2023

9 Features That Are Only Found in Samsung Smartphones

  • June 23, 2023
  • 4 min read
9 Features That Are Only Found in Samsung Smartphones

There is an eternal war between smartphone manufacturers for the attention of customers, and new models are released every month. So it’s not surprising that all companies are trying to add unique features to their models to stand out from the competition. Of course, even the cheapest devices allow users to watch videos, download the 20Bet app for free, and chat with friends. But high-quality models offer many more opportunities. Some companies succeed in this better than others, and Samsung products stand out here. These features can be found only in the phones of this company.

Smart Switch

The transition from one smartphone to another is often painful for the user because you have to make settings for yourself from scratch, install your favorite set of apps, transfer contacts and media content to the new device, which takes a long time. The unique Smart Switch feature allows you to quickly and effortlessly transfer all the data from your old smartphone to your new Galaxy-branded one: music, photos, videos, contacts, apps, themes, and more.

A New Way to Take a Screenshot

How do we usually take screenshots? We press a few buttons. Samsung smartphones have gone further: to take a screenshot on their gadgets, it’s enough to run the palm of your hand over the screen from the left edge to the right, as if brushing dust off. That’s enough – a screenshot is made and saved in the phone’s memory.

Unlimited Screenshots

Besides the previous point: having made a screenshot of the page with a wave of the palm, press the button that appears at the bottom and pull down the page as far as necessary – the screenshot will be enlarged many times. You can save entire websites to your gallery that way.

Creating Scripts via Bixby

Some Samsung models (like the Galaxy S10) give you the ability to customize behavior scenarios for your device, some of which will be preset and some of which will be manually configured. As an example: you come to work, to school or to the theater – the smartphone switches to silent mode by itself. When you return home, it automatically switches the network to home Wi-Fi and turns on the sound. 

Truly Fast Charging

This point doesn’t apply to the smartphones themselves, but rather to the chargers. Adapters from Samsung in recent years support high power and fast power replenishment, but the best devices, called the Duo Pad, also have turbo fans for cooling. This allows for a painless increase in power without exposing the charger or smartphone to overheating, making the charging speed increase by another third on average.

A Special Kid’s Mode

And there’s no third-party apps. On Samsung smartphones, different users can use the apps and other functions under different personal profiles, and it’s possible to create an account for children. While in it, the child can’t access the parents’ shared gallery – they’ll have their own. This account has its own set of safe for the tender age applications with games and a pack of cool cartoons. The child will never be able to visit dangerous or unwanted sites, and will only be able to call the numbers and contacts originally authorized by parents.

An Important Part of the Ecosystem

Samsung Smart View is an app that gives the smartphone a central place in the home ecosystem with other Samsung devices. From the device, you can stream music and videos (both saved in memory and streaming) to the Samsung Smart TV, or vice versa – from the TV to the phone if you can’t be in the comfort of your living room. With a smartphone, there is no need for a remote control: you can switch channels, change volume and tune the TV functions directly from your handheld gadget.

Samsung Pay

Many devices, including smart watches, have built-in NFC modules, allowing you to pay in stores contactless. But not all terminals support this feature. Samsung Pay technology breaks with these limitations: it emulates the magnetic stripe of a bank card with the help of MST technology.

Samsung Won’t Get Lost

The devices of the Samsung Galaxy line have a unique feature of smartphone search. In case the owner has lost his gadget, the system will track the approximate location and coordinates of the phone in real time, showing its movement. If it’s stolen, you can remotely lock various functions, up to the use of the power button or turn on the screen. In the case where the memory of the gadget stores something confidential, the data can be erased, and when the thief decides to replace the SIM card with his own, the owner of the missing will know the new number.