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October 2, 2023

8 Suggestions to Have Better Sex Health

  • February 20, 2022
  • 4 min read
8 Suggestions to Have Better Sex Health

People’s lack of awareness about sexual health has often been found as the main cause of sexual disorders, which is why there has been a hike in sexual health concerns. Additionally, carelessness about sexual hygiene adds to the risk of reproductive organs-related diseases, such as urinary system, sexual dysfunction, STDs, endometriosis, cervix cancer, and more. To reduce the possible risk of sexual health concerns, Dr Hrishikesh D Paihas recommended the below tips;

Have healthy nutrition: 

You are what you eat. Thus, to have a healthy body, one needs to consume nutrition at regular intervals. Healthy food provides the body with the required nutrition that not only enhances immunity but also provides the body with the required strength to perform sexual activity. Further, a good diet effectively fights common illness as arterial hypertension, cardiovascular problem, and other problems that are linked with erectile dysfunction that affects men of 40 years of age.  Buy Kamagra is a clinically tested solution for males to add spice to their boring love life.

 Say no to smoking: 

Smoking results in diabetes, stroke, lung disease, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and pulmonary disease. It essentially reduces vitality, especially sexually as tobacco constricts the blood vessels everywhere in the body, including the genitals. By reducing the heart’s functionality, it hinders the blood supply, which results in the inability in gaining or sustaining an erection. Women too experience all the health troubles due to smoking, including a lubrication reduction.

Keep an eye on your weight: 

Obese or overweight people have been found at higher risk of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and numerous other medical conditions that affect sexual health. Thus, it is crucial to keep one’s weight in check. It will keep the diseases at bay, keep the body healthy and help perform sexual activity better.

Be watchful of your alcohol consumption: 

While people say they experience peace and confidence after consuming alcohol, researchers have reported that regular consumption of large quantities of alcohol adds to weight and drastically impacts sexual capability. It reduces a man’s ability to gain and sustain an erection. In women, it decreases the ability to become aroused and experience orgasm. 

 Work on your communication with your partner: 

To experiment with new things and have complete sexual gratification, it is essential to be comfortable with your partner. Thus, working on your communication with your partner can go a long way. Determining their preferences and requirements will help them connect better with their partner. It will further lessen the performance pressure and help experience a happy ending. If both of you like BDSM, you can consider taking bondage tutorial.

Plan and Protect: 

For uninterrupted sex, plan your date in advance. To prevent unplanned pregnancy, use contraceptives of your preference. One can even consult a doctor for the same. To safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases, use condoms. Also, getting regular health & blood tests done is a good way to keep an eye on your health and prevent the risk of any disease. 


Constant sitting throughout the day not only makes one lethargic and adds to obesity, but it also reduces sexual performance. Thus, one must include any form of exercise in their everyday routine.  This may be swimming thrice a week, yoga, brisk walk, jogging, cardio, aerobic or more. Weight lifting also helps one stay fit. These exercises will keep the blood flow smooth, release happy hormones and help one stay sexually healthy.


Following a healthy lifestyle helps one improve their sexual life, however, even if one sometimes has trouble maintaining or sustaining an erection, they can take the help of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors, such as Cialis tablets. These work in the body by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis to make the blood flow easier to the penis when aroused.  Kamagra tablets can be easily availed online. These can be consumed 30-60 minutes before the planned sexual activity with water. Avoid consuming alcohol or fatty food when using these pills as they may result in lesser results and side effects.