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November 28, 2023

7 Adorable Cats Breeds That You Will Absolutely Love

  • December 1, 2021
  • 5 min read
7 Adorable Cats Breeds That You Will Absolutely Love

If you enjoy spending time with cats, then it is about time for you to get one and bring it home. Or, perhaps, it is time for you to get another one, in case you already have a cat at home. Whatever the case, I am sure that you will want to do some research about different breeds before taking one of them home, since you want to know precisely what to expect from a particular feline, and you also want to know what it is that it will expect from you as the owner. Speaking of expectations, you might also want to learn more about what cats think about us humans.

Anyway, you have decided to get a cat. So, now you want and need to choose the right one for you. There are so many different breeds out there, but some of them are bound to make your heart melt just because they are extremely adorable and loving. I know that you would undeniably want to get an adorable kitten and then have it grow up with you, which is why I have decided to do one thing.

In simple words, I have decided to provide you with a list of some of the most adorable cat breeds and tell you a few things about them, so that you can know how those adorable creatures will behave once you bring them home. I know that you will probably have an even more difficult time choosing your cat after getting acquainted with these adorable breeds, especially if you have a look at a few photographs, but I do hope that this guide will somehow help you make your choice. If nothing else, it will get you acquainted with the personalities of some of these adorable animals, which is bound to be of help. Anyway, let’s have a look at those breeds.

  1. Birman

With the differently colored fur on their faces, their tails and sometimes their paws, the Birman cats are undeniably among the cutest breeds that you will ever meet. Their fur is not only neatly colored, but also quite long, which adds to their beautiful appearance. If you are wondering how they will behave if you bring them home, let me give you a hint or two. The Birman felines are pretty quiet and calm, and they tend to attach themselves to one person in particular. They are pretty well-behaved and you’ll enjoy living with them.

Here are some more cute breeds you should consider: https://www.rd.com/list/cutest-cat-breeds/ 

  1. Russian Blue

With its big eyes, its coat that’s so gray that it is actually almost blue, and its proud character with a touch of quirky, the Russian Blue is undeniably going to win your heart over. The kittens are adorable, but the adult Russian Blue cats tend not to lose a lot of their kitten-like behavior and demeanor, which certainly makes them special. Another thing that you might love about them is the fact that these felines are highly independent, meaning that they are less likely to become anxious if the owner is not around.

  1. Ragdoll

The moment you type in the words Ragdoll into your browser, you will be greeted with so much cuteness that you might not be able to handle it. One look at a photograph of this feline and you’ll absolutely fall in love with it. The Ragdoll has beautiful blue eyes that are mesmerizing, and a long coat that you’ll love petting. Keep in mind, though, that this breed tends to shed a lot, but regular grooming will help you deal with it.

  1. Himalayan

The Himalayan is a medium sized breed that sometimes appears to be a lot larger thanks to layers and layers of beautiful fur. Its behavior is in consistence with this deception in appearance, as it is a highly proud breed that simply adores its own existence. Imagine a hobbit behaving like a giant and you’ll know exactly what the Himalayan cat is all about. This breed is quite active, but it is also extremely affectionate and it loves spending time curled up in its owners lap.

  1. Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is another breed on the list of those that appear to be much bigger than they actually are, thanks to its wild fur. With its oval blue eyes and this beautiful fur, the Ragamuffin is certainly a popular choice among many households. Thanks to the fact that it is highly adaptable to all kinds of living situations, they are also a quite popular choice for people living in apartments.

  1. Munchkin

If you are looking for small cat breeds that are also extremely cute and that will put a smile on your face whenever you see them, then you should certainly consider the Munchkin. Its short legs are bound to be adorable to everyone. Munchkins are known for loving shiny things, meaning that they might steal your jewelry and stash it somewhere from time to time, which is also quite cute. Plus, watching them trying to jump is definitely going to make you go “aww” and laugh at the same time.

  1. La Perm

La Perm is a breed that has curly coat thanks to a spontaneous genetic mutation. This curly coat is thick and beautiful and people are usually amazed by it. I am sure that you will be amazed too, and not only with the coat, but also with the cat’s loving nature. Contrary to what you might think, these felines do not shed a lot.