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October 2, 2023

6 Reasons Why Anime Live Action Adaptations Are Bad

  • October 26, 2021
  • 4 min read
6 Reasons Why Anime Live Action Adaptations Are Bad

Anime shows are known for being entertaining as well as educational. They contain awesome storylines that often go on for years. 

Over the years, anime shows have gained an immense amount of popularity all over the world. Because of this increasing popularity, some western filmmaker often tries to turn an anime into a live-action movie. 

But from what we have seen so far, most of the live-action adaptations for anime and even cartoons are straight-up bad. 

This is what’s left filmmakers in a huge shock that none of the live-action adaptations have been able to make an impact as compared with their corresponding anime shows. 

In this article, we are going to try and uncover a few reasons why most anime live-action adaptations are just not good.

So, let’s get straight to it  

  1. A Single Movie Can’t Cover the Entire Series

Anime shows go for years and even decades. Although anime takes a lot of time to make, it is a form of drawn art that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and resources. 

It is hard to turn an anime into a movie because you can’t condense years of storyline into a movie of 90 or 12 minutes. This is the reason why movies like Dragon Ball Evolution and Death Note have been quite bad. You can check out these movies at moverulz and other movie websites. 

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  1. Fight Scenes Are Hard to Make

Anime fight scenes contain a lot of flashy visuals and fine details that are just hard to capture and translate in a live-action movie. 

The details are tiny yet essential for the fight scenes. When you try to make a fight scene for the anime in a live-action movie, you better make it look close to the original, or else the fans are just not going to like it. 

  1. Voices Don’t Seem Original 

Anime shows contain visual art which is backed by the voice acting of some talented individuals. 

Now, unless you get the voice actors to do the acting in the movie, the voices in the live-action just don’t seem original. 

Since anime go on for years, people get used to the voices they hear in the anime. The same is true for cartoons that you can find at kiss cartoon. This is one of the reasons why true anime fans don’t watch live-action movies. 

  1. No Intros & Outros

Intros and outros are an intrinsic part of anime culture, and they are presented in every episode of an anime. 

Live-action movies often don’t consider intros and outros and how important they are for the fans. 

  1. Creators Don’t Know The Original Story

The biggest mistake that western live-action adaptations make is the creators don’t go over the story in detail. And you can’t expect them to do it because there are a lot of details to cover to capture the essence of the story. 

This is what makes live-action adaptations bad because they are often far away from the original story and creators don’t seem the same as you see in the anime. Anime fans don’t approve of the modified version of the story and it reflects badly on the viewers. 

  1. Character Design Seems Off

Anime shows often have fantasy-style art and character designs seem far from real. These designs are a bit difficult to translate into a live-action movie. 

And since people like the art style in the anime, they want to see characters the way they look in the anime. The way the technology has been developing, we expect this issue to get resolved in the future. 

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the reasons why anime live-action adaptations don’t make it. Anime has a huge fanbase. People who watch anime religiously know and everything about the anime culture and the way things work there. 

The bottom line is it is hard to translate an anime into a live-action movie. It is just the way that anime shows are made. 

But still, it is hard but not impossible. Though it looks like it is still going to take a lot of time for filmmakers to turn an anime into a live-action film that people would enjoy.