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November 30, 2023

6 Benefits of the Kenwood NX-300

  • November 9, 2021
  • 3 min read
6 Benefits of the Kenwood NX-300

The Radios Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge two-way radio is packed with features, from its built-in GPS and mixed digital/FM operation to its great durability. A fully-featured radio designed to fulfill just about any radio need, this unit is completely user-friendly.

Here are six reasons why the Kenwood NX-300 is the best two-way radio

#1. Large Screen

It’s not necessary for everyone to have a large screen on their two-way radio, but they do offer many advantages. With its large screen, this radio makes a great choice for teams that need a large screen.

The NX-300 features a larger screen than the NX-320, which allows for twice as many characters to be displayed. Users can access more information at once and accomplish more seamlessly with this technology.

#2. Customization options programmable

A variety of programmable features are available on the NX-300 so you can customize it to meet your needs. The need for customized solutions is paramount for a variety of working environments, scenarios, and conditions. Make this radio work for you by customizing its settings to meet your needs.

#3. Massive internal memory

NX-300 has a large internal memory, which allows it to operate faster and at a higher capacity than other two-way radios. It can also process many channels and frequencies simultaneously.

#4. Durability Matters

Two-way radios must withstand everything that can happen on the job, from accidental drops to unexpected calamities. Because of this, your typical smartphone would never work – it is too fragile. The NX-300 is one of the tougher two-way radios on the market, even though not all two-way radios are made to the same standards. The radio has astounding durability.

You can submerge the NX-300 in water and douse it in dirt without it being damaged. What if you dropped it accidentally? No problem! This is what makes it so ideal for a range of industries, from marine applications to construction sites.

#5. Clear & Crisp Audio

Don’t keep saying “what?“what?“what? “ over and over. There is nothing more important in the field than being able to communicate clearly and send messages in a timely manner. Poor audio quality or a disrupted signal can quickly result in errors and a loss of productivity. It’s for this reason that sound quality is so important on two-way radios, and the audio quality of the NX-300 leaves a lot to be desired

There’s nothing to be desired – providing crisp and clear communication when you need it most.

#6. Built in GPS

With this radio, you have the option of adding a GPS unit, which allows you to keep track of your team at all times.

NX-300 Specs:

  • More characters on the screen (larger than the NX-320, displays twice as many characters)
  • Features you can customize – make it work the way you see fit
  • Marine and construction environments are common applications
  • Dust and water intrusion IP54/55
  • Option (IP67) for immersion
  • LCD display with backlighting
  • Display in multiple languages
  • Features for emergency calls
  • Volume knob on/off
  • Models with a 12-key keypad
  • There are two PF keys on the side
  • Digital noise-cancelling speaker mic KMC-51/52

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