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September 28, 2022

5 ways to recognize a genuine Lederhosen men’s wear outfit

  • September 10, 2022
  • 5 min read
5 ways to recognize a genuine Lederhosen men’s wear outfit

Are you in a dilemma about whether you should purchase a Lederhosen men’s wear outfit online or in-store? If so, you are about to get your queries answered professionally. 

We are going to enlighten you with ways by which you can easily spot a genuine German Lederhosen outfit. You will find scammers and con men everywhere around you. That is why it is essential to beware beforehand. No matter how simple a Lederhosen might be, it can still be flawed. 

Speaking of simplicity and elegance, let’s look at where it originated from to understand better.

What did Lederhosen men look like in ancient times?

Not surprisingly, a German Lederhosen outfit was a much simpler dress than what we have today. There is nothing fancy or trendy in the 19th-century version of Lederhosen. A basic leather trachten paired with shorts, knife pockets, and a plain white shirt makes up vintage Lederhosen menswear. A vintage Lederhosen has no embroidered motifs, shoes, or contrasting socks. However, a Lederhosen was made of pure leather even back then.

Today Lederhosen has changed a lot. The only thing that remains constant is its traditional essence of it. You can still see the formal German attire deeply connected with its roots.

Usually, you’ll find Lederhosen made of cow skin, goat skin, or deer skin. The reason is that animal skin keeps you warm and cozy in winter.

Nonetheless, to recognize pure leather Lederhosen, you must closely examine it.

How to scrutinize a German Lederhosen outfit?

Identifying a pure leather Lederhosen might be hard. It can be even harder if you have never seen or worn it. Nonetheless, we have got a solution for your every problem. By following the traits below, you can easily do it.

  1. Genuine leather color

Every genuine Lederhosen available in the market is in earth-toned colors. You can choose from a wide range of brown shades to pick the best suited for you. The cause of why it’s mostly found in shades of brown is to rectify the fact that it was previously worn by men living in mountainous areas.

Nonetheless, German Lederhosen outfits have evolved and are also available in other colors. You can have your Lederhosen outfit in black and dark green as well. 

Also, if you are looking for style inspiration, try pairing your brown-toned Lederhosen with a Bavarian checkered shirt. It will look more appealing to the eyes and the ladies around you.

  1. Deformity of surface

As discussed above, a Lederhosen is made of animal skin which is usually tanned. But to identify synthetic and genuine leather, you must pay close attention to its surface. If you see that its surface is smooth as cotton, step away from it. It is not genuine leather but synthetic. 

However, if its surface is rough and you can barely spread your hands on it, then it’s genuine leather. It is easy to perform this task when you’re physically at the store and can touch the fabric. But with online stores, it isn’t possible. But there are other factors you can consider. Some of them are:

  • Genuine customers reviews
  • Shades of earth-toned colors
  • Creases and wrinkles
  • Money back guarantee policy
  • Credible store with secure payment gateways

You should consider these factors before placing your order. However, purchasing a less expensive Lederhosen is recommended to check its authenticity. You can perform certain tasks to ensure it.

  1. Unchanged look after press

For instance, you have recently purchased a Lederhosen from an online store. As soon as you get it, press it and check it after a few minutes. If your Lederhosen returns to its original formation, rest assured it’s made of genuine leather. Leather fabric is meant to expand with time. It remains in the same condition for years. We recommend buying a German Lederhosen outfit one size smaller than usual. It will not only enhance masculinity but also give you a perfect fit. Lederhosen men’s wear is meant to be worn a bit tighter than casual clothes. That’s the beauty of it. Rest assured that you’re comfortable wearing it.

  1. Rugged fabric

The strands of leather will be visible in the Lederhosen shorts. It is yet another sign of a pure leather Lederhosen. Also, you’ll spot many creases and wrinkles on it. 

  1. Instant liquid absorption 

A Lederhosen is traditional attire for Oktoberfest and Beerfest. If you get your drink spilled over your outfit, and it doesn’t absorb instantly, then it’s made of synthetic leather. If it does, you bought it from a genuine buyer, and it’s time to give it a 5-star rating with a nice review.

Are you eager to buy your Lederhosen outfit? Perfect, let’s explore a credible store to get one.

Top-rated German Lederhosen outfits online

Searching for a credible online store to buy Lederhosen men’s wear can be tiring. However, this riddle is also solved as we have got you one of such stores.

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