cute ways to tell husband you're pregnant    
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October 1, 2023

5 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

  • March 31, 2022
  • 6 min read
5 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

If you’re reading this, you probably have a secret that you want to share with your husband. Yeahey! Congratulations! You are pregnant.  When the pregnancy is confirmed, you may be both joyful and nervous. Perhaps you’re concerned about how he’ll react to the news, or you believe the pregnancy is untimely. You’re both worried and excited right now. But no matter what, tell him now. It will be easier for both of you to adjust if you do it sooner rather than later. In any case, here are cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant and that he’s going to be a father soon.

5 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Many expectant mothers can’t imagine keeping their pregnancy a secret long enough to plan a special surprise for their husband, while others have wished for this opportunity for years and are planning adorable ways to tell their husband. There are numerous methods to announce your pregnancy, such as in a creative, original, or simple way, but if you’re already used to this approach, you might choose to go with the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant. It is up to you to decide what you are interested in or what you believe would work. This is an occasion that will not only be remembered by your husband, but also by you, so you may do it your way since you want it to be documented or remembered. Here are some cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant. These will not only make an impact on your spouse, but they will also make you excited as you prepare for it.

  1. Present him an Onesie with Personal Message

Make a onesie for your husband that is personalized with one of his hobbies or items that he enjoys. If he likes sports, a baby jersey with a phrase like “baby daddy” on it may be a great option. When he receives it, he may be astounded by your present as well as surprised and thrilled by the pregnancy news. The onesie will also serve as a lovely remembrance of the event.

  1. Bake Cakes or Cupcakes

You may either make your own cake or make a purchase for one. Put a personalized statement on top of the cake, such as “You’re Going to be a Daddy!” or arrange letters to construct a message on top of each cupcake. This is a delectable surprise that has been meticulously crafted. Not only will the cake fill his stomach, but the pregnancy news will also fill his heart.

  1. Ice Cream Date

Request that he take you out for ice cream and order two for yourself. If you’re used to ordering for one, he could be confused as to why you’re ordering two for yourself. It can surprise him if you hint that you’re eating for two. He could be curious about what you’re talking about, so tell him the news after that.

  1. A Book with a Message

Putting a pregnancy message inside a book is a terrific idea if your partner enjoys reading books. You may insert a note or a photo of your baby’s ultrasound or use a bookmark with a message on it. This is a wonderfully cute idea that is also really sneaky. This will catch him off guard in an unexpected way.

  1. Family Portrait

Consider drawing or painting a portrait of your family, including your husband, child, and yourself. You may give it to him as a present or leave it in a visible location for him to see. When he first sees the portrait, he will be confused, but he will eventually comprehend what it means. This is a fantastic effort on your part, especially if you don’t know how to paint or draw but set aside time to study and create. He could be impressed by your efforts and delighted with the news.

Why You Should Tell Him Now

You may experience a lot of worry if you are a first-time mother. You may have mixed emotions of joy and anxiety when you find out you’re pregnant. In this situation, the fact that you have a husband who will become a father in the future is reason enough for you to want him to be more supportive than anybody else. Pregnancy is not something that a woman can achieve alone, and men must also take responsibility.  Especially if it’s your first pregnancy after a long period of child anticipation, you may be nervous about telling your husband you are pregnant. Some women who have miscarriages frequently might be apprehensive of telling their husbands early in case anything goes wrong. But the first person you should notify about your pregnancy is your husband. He may be disappointed if you keep it from him for a long period and other people find out before him.  You should inform your spouse as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test result or a confirmation from the doctor. You might want to carefully consider how you should tell your husband you’re pregnant if you wish to surprise him with a pregnancy announcement. As a result, regardless of your circumstances, whether it is a planned or unforeseen pregnancy, you may discuss your future plans as soon as possible. 

The Best Way to Do It

We’ve provided you with cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant, so the decision is entirely yours. Using one of the ideas, the ideal way to accomplish it is to do it at the right time, in the right location, and in the right mood. You must also maintain your composure, remain calm, and refrain from being overly enthusiastic. You will prepare for the moment, and even if you plan what you will do or say, you must act naturally and communicate your actual feelings about your pregnancy.

It’s also important to do things your own way, within your capabilities, and not to overdo things. When you reveal a bit of news, you anticipate a reaction. Keep in mind that you’re making the announcement because you’re joyful and want to convey it in a special way, not because you’re hoping for a specific reaction from him. You won’t be too disappointed if you get a negative response from your husband if you approach it with that mentality.


Each person’s experience with pregnancy is unique. When a woman becomes pregnant, she will go through a variety of emotions. It might be either favorable or bad. That is why they require support, not just financially, but also emotionally, physically, and mentally. 
The husband should be a pregnant wife’s number one supporter. Informing your husband, the father of your unborn child, is important regardless of your circumstances as a couple. One of the things you consider before making an announcement to your husband is how he will react. If you’re not sure how he’ll respond and that makes you nervous, don’t allow it to stop you from doing your own thing when making the announcement. If you choose cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant,  go ahead and do it.