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October 2, 2023

4 Ways to Thank Teachers Who Go the Extra Mile

  • July 5, 2022
  • 3 min read
4 Ways to Thank Teachers Who Go the Extra Mile

There is always that one teacher who goes the extra mile for your kids. It could be they are having trouble in a specific subject, or it could be issues they are having with classmates. Sometimes they stay after school, on their own time to tutor a student who is falling behind and other times they just lend an ear to a kid who needs to vent. Not all teachers are as willing to give their time and so you’d like that special one of many to know that you truly appreciate the effort they’ve taken with your son or daughter. Are you looking for some way to show your gratitude? Here are a few suggestions that might help.

1. Write a Letter of Recognition

It never fails that when a parent is unhappy with something that went on in a classroom, they will be the first to complain to the principal or the school board. Do you ever wonder how many actually write letters of recognition for those teachers who actually went above and beyond the call of duty for kids in their charge? This would be something really appreciated because it’s a rare gift, indeed.

2. Gift a PC Gadget That the Teacher Might Like

There are really cool PC gifts for teachers they might appreciate. For instance, what if your son or daughter mentioned that their teacher’s keyboard is so overused that the letters are worn off the keys? Maybe a wireless keyboard and mouse set would be nice or perhaps a webcam because they mentioned that’s something they don’t have. If they are into gaming, a controller might be nice or perhaps a noise canceling headset. PC gadgets are always a good gift idea.

3. A Gift Certificate to a Local Restaurant

This is something a teacher might really love. They spend so much time after school planning lessons and grading papers that they probably rarely dine out. What about a gift certificate to one of the nicer restaurants in your town? Not only do they have little time, but on a teacher’s salary, they probably have little money as well. Give them something they can enjoy while taking a break for a change.

4. A Day at the Spa

Then there are those teachers who are so concerned with each and every one of their students their nerves are probably shot. What about a spa treatment at a day spa? They could get a massage or time in a steam room or in a sauna or jacuzzi. Give them something that will help them wind down and relax because, heaven knows, they deserve it!

It is always a joy to find that one teacher who is willing to give of themselves to help their students achieve. Let’s not be among those parents who don’t appreciate their efforts but are willing to take the time to find a special gift or word of gratitude to let them know we care.