4 Must Have Serveware Collections for Your Kitchen    
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November 30, 2023

4 Must Have Serveware Collections for Your Kitchen

  • October 13, 2022
  • 6 min read
4 Must Have Serveware Collections for Your Kitchen

No one likes to embrace the idea that they’re aging. It’s such a nice feeling to cling to your youth. But the fact is, once you start shopping for dinnerware, you’re now in the adult stage. 

Adulthood comes with a gazillion of expectations when it comes to household things. For instance, do you have the necessary kitchen accessories? Does your kitchen have all the appliances? Of course, it’s a good idea to have kitchen accessories like cheese boards, serving trays, and serving utensils in your kitchen. 

Most first-time hosts find it intimidating to host their loved ones due to a lack of serveware. But don’t worry, the problem is not unique to you. So many people struggle with the vital kitchen accessories to buy. 

This article aims to help the newlywed, a novice host with a jumbled-up idea of where to start, or a seasoned hostess shopping for new dinnerware. 

Here are some of the must-have serveware in your kitchen: 

  1. Cheese Boards

A cheese board is so useful one is never enough. Cheese boards offer a unique and luxurious way to entertain your guests and family. 

The primary use for cheese boards is to serve and share food with your loved ones. If you’re not familiar with what you can serve your guests on the cheese boards, here is an idea:

  • You can offer pieces of bread and crackers in thin slices
  • Sweet: honey or jam, and dried figs
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables like sliced cucumbers, apples, or pears
  • Tangy toppings: like some marinated foods, including artichokes and olives.
  • Cheese varieties like firm or semi-firm cheese such as cheddar or Manchego, spreadable or soft cheeses like goat cheese, think brie, something funky like strong blue cheese, etc.

You can choose cheese boards of various sizes and forms. For instance, there are some made of wood, marble, or slate. The beauty of cheese boards is that you can easily customize them to your preference. 

You can use cheese boards for weddings, picnics, housewarmings, or baby showers. Cheese boards are excellent when you’re hosting a bigger crowd; however, you can use a foot long if it’s for one or two. 

Wooden cheese boards are easy to clean. However, marble and slate are good options if you’re looking for a board that can help keep the food chilled for longer. But keep this in mind, you need to wash all these materials by hand. 

  1. Unique Serving Tray

A serving tray is an unpopular serveware in most homes, yet it is so vital. In fact, it should be a staple in every kitchen since it is quite handy. It simplifies various aspects of our daily activities.

For instance, you can use wooden serveware to distribute tea and coffee to your guests and family. Also, you can use a serving tray to store essential daily items like tea bags, spices, and oils. 

Besides, you can incorporate serving trays in the kitchen as décor. You can use it to showcase your personal and unique items, tiny pots, frames, and flowers. Wooden serveware will seamlessly blend into your kitchen design and house. 

However, you should consider a few things when purchasing serving trays. For example, if you’re going to use it frequently, you should go for a larger tray to hold most of the cutlery. Also, consider the comfortability when carrying it. 

You should also ensure it’s sturdy enough to avoid spillage of the tray’s contents. The material of the tray also plays a vital role. So ensure you pick a serving tray that will serve all your needs. 

There are serving trays made of resin, plastic, wood, or metal. The choice depends on its functionality in your kitchen and house. 

  1. Wooden Serving Bowl

You can never go wrong with wooden serving bowls. They’re not only excellent for a picnic table but also for a family dining table.

The bowl perfectly complements the everyday paper plates and cups. Besides, it also maintains a luxurious and timeless elegance that combines well with stone, glass, and ceramic tableware. 

Wooden bowls have various functions. For instance, you can use them to serve salads, which some people claim helps enhance their flavor. Now you know why you always crave that salad from your friend’s house. The secret is in the wooden serving bowls. 

Moreover, you can also serve other foods like rice, pasta, cooked veggies, and potatoes. Also, you can display your variety of fruits on your kitchen counter or dining table. 

The truth is that a wooden serving bowl is functional and adds elegance to your kitchen and house. 

But to keep their pristine and luxurious condition, you need to offer them proper maintenance. Some of the varieties you can pick include maple, cherry, black walnut, olive, bamboo, teak, and acacia. 

After using the bowl, you can use warm, soapy water to wash with a moist cloth. Then you can quickly pat it dry using a soft dishtowel. 

Invest in a quality food-grade material or a beeswax wood finish to rub inside the bowl. This is vital as it will help to preserve the wood longer. This can be one of your family heirlooms when you maintain it properly. 

  1. Serving Utensils

Another significant piece of serveware you should not miss in your kitchen is the serving utensils. You need to invest in serving utensils like a serving fork, stainless steel serving spoons, salad tongs, and a slotted serving spoon. 

The slotted spoons can help to serve sides like corn, vegetables, green beans, and peas. These spoons have gaps that allow fluids to drain and avoid getting on the plate. 

The salad forks are excellent and simple to use when serving salads. They’re better compared to scrubbing two forks inside your lovely bowl.

The serving spoons are best for rice, grain salads, and mashed potatoes, among other foods. Serving forks have multiple functions. They can serve everything from roasted vegetables to thinly cut meat. 

Also, you can use the serving fork and spoon to serve foods like pasta, rolls, sliced meat, chicken legs, and fish. A fork and spoon are better replacements if you don’t have serving tongs.

Besides, all cheese lovers need a pair of cheese knives for their cheese boards and kitchen accessories. 

Final Thoughts

Kitchen serveware is not only functional and practical, but they add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. 

The serveware helps to arrange food in an appealing display for your family and friends. Naturally, food presentation makes one get more hungry. That’s why it’s easy to get hungry if you watch a food network on TV or read a food magazine. The aroma and taste complement the food presentation.

So ensure you serve your guests in attractive and unique serveware. You don’t need to go for the trendiest kitchen accessories. Just ensure they’re unique and functional. You can buy customized cheese boards, wooden serving bowls, utensils, and trays for your kitchen.