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  • August 9, 2021
  • 5 min read

What Are The Favor Boxes:

Favor boxes are getting into a trend nowadays. Favor boxes are given out on especially the wedding day as a gesture of love to show the guests that we appreciate that you took a lot of time to attend our function. But it has been seen that Favor boxes are being given out to guests on many other occasions as well. These events may include Christmas, parties, family dinners, etc.

These Favor boxes are a small token of appreciation or love. They are given to say thank you to the guest for making their day more special. Generally, the guests are given the Favored boxes filled with five sugar-coated almonds. The purpose of packing the almonds is to wish them five blessings. These blessings may include health, wealth, happiness, long life, and fertility.

What These Favor Boxes May Contain?

These Jordan almonds are part of tradition but nowadays the tradition has taken a bit of a turn. Now, these favor boxes may include either M & M’s, macarons, truffles, sugar-coated candies, etc. One may love them. These favor boxes are a blessing for kids especially as they love these sweet treats.

In this article, we will sneak a peek into the four best-used favor boxes in 2021. They may include the discussion on the favor boxes, personalized favor boxes.

Apart from the traditional gesture of putting some sweet treats into the favor boxes. Nowadays bride and groom look for some innovative ideas to surprise the guests in a way that they will always remember in the future. When we talk about the outdoor event, then those chocolates may get melted or rotten varying with the temperature.

Therefore, the favor box should be a different type so that the guests can remember the event while looking at the boxes.

Best Favor Boxes Of The Year 2021 :

Here are some of the best favor boxes which will really mesmerize you and you won’t stay back while wowing this type of idea.

Seed Wedding Favors :

One of the best wedding favor which I have been through was the seed wedding favor. You must be wondering what it is for. As we all know that we all love our earth and want it to be green so we won’t get hurt or destroyed by the UV rays.

So, this bride and groom came up with an idea. They took a good number of mini plant pots. Moreover, they ordered some fresh seeds and some food for their fertility. Later they got some personalized cards printed with the slogan “Let the love grow”. Beneath this slogan was a tiny picture of bride and groom was printed. They wanted to give a message to the guests to take these seed-containing pots at home and sow them. Later let that love tree grow.

We humans shouldn’t love each other only. We should love our environment and climate too. How long that tree or plant will stay in your home, you will remember both of us. Nothing can be more lovely than this type of favor box.

Hand Sanitisers:

On a wedding held last year. The bride and groom distributed the favor boxes containing the hand sanitizers in them. These hand sanitizers were personalized with the names of the bride and groom. Those chic look so cool and nice. They were fragranced. Nothing can be the best favor box than this which may contain the fragranced chic of hand sanitizer.

Unless and until you use those chic, you will keep both bride and groom in your memories. Like all south Asian people, you might be kept wishing them good blessings of health, wealth, and long life while remembering their souvenirs.

I am smiling while remembering those favor boxes. They give me such a nice gesture of love. They thought for us. They thanked us while reminding us to keep sanitizing our hands during the wedding event. The main purpose was to keep us safe from the attack of the deadly coronavirus. I am feeling so overwhelmed. These kinds of favor boxes should be in a tradition now.

Sunscreen Lotions :

If you have planned a destination wedding or want to do it outdoor. Then nothing can be the best gift than the four different types of fragranced sunscreen creams with an attached carabiner. People will like them. They will surely enjoy them too.

You can keep four different fragrances and distribute them accordingly like one for young men, one for young women, one for old age men, and the fourth one for old age women. It will surely work wonder to them. Your sunscreen thankyou gift will keep them protected from the UV rays as well as they can enjoy the modern summer mocktails or cocktails too without any fear of sunburn or skin damage.

Modern White Planter:

You can get some personalized favor boxes. These favor boxes may include the white planters. These planters can be placed at the seats of all the guests to show them that you value them. These panters can be the modern representation of the traditional thank you gifts for the wedding. I hope and wish that all your guests might like the gift. White planters can be a good décor. Moreover, you can get your name or picture printed on them. Furthermore, you can get the image of the special guests printed on those souvenirs.

You may fill these modern planters with succulents or air plants and place them at each person’s seat. It’s a herbaceous favor that doubles as a contemporary decor accent.

Final Verdict:

These favor boxes are such a nice gesture. It shows the love and cares the bride and groom have for all the people visiting their event. I have mentioned some of the ideas from the favor boxes 2021 which were very popular amongst the guests. They were very attractive and perfect for guests too. They were way more different than the traditional sweets.

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