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March 28, 2023
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3 Great Assets for Real Estate Agents

  • March 9, 2022
  • 4 min read
3 Great Assets for Real Estate Agents

From business cards and licensing to various association endorsements, there are a few things that are essential for a successful real estate agent. As a real estate agent, you essentially own your own business. Even if you are linked to a major agency, you still do the work yourself and function as an independent contractor. As a result, there are certain systems, tools, and supplies that you need. While some of these tools are obvious, there are others that you may not realize you need. Let’s look at some great assets that you might be overlooking as a real estate agent.

1. Self-Storage Unit

At first thought, you may be asking why in the world you would need a storage unit as a real estate agent. After all, you aren’t the one moving, right? Well, a storage unit could help you greatly by providing you with plenty of space for your supplies, yard signs, staging items, and other things. If you are like most real estate agents, you probably spend more time in your car than anywhere else. As a result, your car can become your mobile office. No matter how big your car or SUV is, there is no way to store all of your marketing materials, supplies, and other items in your car. As a result, many agents end up with things all over their garages and other spaces. A self-storage unit from a place like Extraspace Storage could help alleviate some of your headaches.

A storage unit is a great way to keep all of your things organized in one central location. When you meet potential buyers or have a listing that is hitting the market, you can swing by your storage unit and have easy access to the things you need. Instead of searching through your garage or attic for the sign you need, you will always know exactly where it is. A storage facility could help with efficiency and management. Additionally, you might also be able to keep your car neater!

2. Real Estate Brochures

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, with over 5 billion people today using smartphones and other mobile devices. While digital technology has a lot of leverage, you shouldn’t overlook the power of print media. Still available in a wide variety of businesses and offices today, brochures continue to serve as an important tool.

Brochures are condensed educational reading tools that allow you to highlight your current offerings, open houses, and deals. They are a good way to promote yourself to potential clients, prospective buyers, and others. The best way to create your material is with a real estate brochure template. A template allows you to design the layout for your brochure and offers the versatility to update it often with current needs and properties. A brochure will help you establish your brand with a tangible piece of marketing and promotion.

3. Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are some of the most effective business tools today. A quality social media strategy has almost become essential for any business plan. As a real estate agent, having an effective social network plan will help you improve visibility and give you advantages over the competition. You will want to use several social network sites to promote your services, highlight new listings, and advertise upcoming open houses. The world lives on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, so you’ll want to meet them where they are. You can investigate tools that will help you manage your accounts and schedule posts easily.

Being a real estate agent takes time, hard work, and patience. With the right tools, you simplify your job and make the process easier.