22 Buzzwords to Use in a Resume in 2022 + Samples    
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December 4, 2023

22 Buzzwords to Use in a Resume in 2022 + Samples

  • March 31, 2022
  • 5 min read
22 Buzzwords to Use in a Resume in 2022 + Samples

Being an adult is always accompanied by many difficulties. One of them can be your financial situation. Unfortunately, nowadays not everyone can afford to have a luxurious life, a villa, and a big amount of money in a bank account. Sometimes, people can’t even make ends meet. That’s why everyone is trying to find a job with a reasonable salary.

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But on the way to accomplishing this task, some other difficulties may occur. The first can be creating a bot-beating resume to pass the applicant tracking system. When some people come to the dead-end, they think, “I need to search for edit my resume as soon as possible,” and it is understandable. If you craft a winning resume, consider half the job done. So, let’s learn the buzzwords you can use in a resume to get more interviews.

What Are Resume Buzzwords?

In general, these are terms that are used to diversify your job application and make it attractive for employers. Here is a list of advantages buzzwords bring.

  • They draw the attention of the hiring manager or directly the employer when they are reviewing the resumes of the candidates.
  • They can help you get past the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is used to simplify the search of candidates and analyze resumes. 
  • They underline your key skills and highlight your accomplishments.

By the way, if you need some help in creating or editing a resume, Skillhub is believed to be the best service to invest in your career. The most effective CV can help you stand out from others and land an interview with ease. Now we want to show you overused buzzwords and their alternatives you can apply.


When it comes to managerial job positions, every candidate should have leadership skills. But saying that you were “born to be a leader” is not enough. To assure the employer that you possess these skills, you can use the following buzzwords: 

  • counsel;
  • guide;
  • organize;
  • influence;
  • persuade;
  • cultivate;
  • mobilize;
  • launch.


In case you want to point out the results of your hard work in the previous position, you can look through this list of the equivalents to the word “achieved”: 

  • accelerated;
  • boosted;
  • completed;
  • demonstrated;
  • earned;
  • generate;
  • reached;
  • stimulated.


The first thing a hiring manager takes into account is your work experience. As an employee, you have to know your trade and be skillful enough to fulfill your professional tasks properly. But the word “experienced” is so common and already not impressive. Hence, we prepared some better buzzwords that convey the same meaning: 

  • accomplished;
  • competent;
  • mature;
  • old hand; 
  • skillful; 
  • sophisticated;
  • cultivated.


If you want to apply for a job in a sphere where you need to help people, the list of the following buzzwords will help you occupy this position:

  • aided;
  • boosted;
  • coached;
  • facilitated;
  • promoted;
  • reinforced.


Each recruiter is so tired of this overused term. In case you want to show that you are a highly qualified worker, you can apply the following buzzwords:

  • savvy;
  • dexterous;
  • enthusiast;
  • efficient;
  • gifted;
  • competent.


To add some fresh air to the resume, you can also replace this overused buzzword with the following ones:

  • corresponded;
  • illustrated;
  • interacted;
  • negotiated;
  • networked;
  • persuaded.


In case you want to showcase your dedication to work and the desire to contribute to the company, you can use other alternatives for “motivated”:

  • driven;
  • enthusiastic;
  • keen;
  • eager;
  • inspired;
  • devoted.


Speaking of some job offers connected to digital marketing or graphic design, good imagination and creativity play a great role in your success. If you want to prove that you are the perfect candidate, you can replace the term “creative” with other effective ones: 

  • innovative;
  • artistic;
  • stimulative;
  • visionary;
  • expressive;
  • resourceful.


If you are confident in your skills and abilities, for sure you want to call yourself an “excellent worker” to attract the employer. But instead of using this term, you can expand your vocabulary and use the following less common buzzwords:

  • exceptional;
  • outstanding;
  • prominent;
  • significant;
  • remarkable;
  • versed.


To succeed in your career and climb the ladder, being strategic is of high importance. Without a well-prepared plan for the future, you will fail. So, to get the job for sure, you need to have a perfect resume. The term “strategic” pops up constantly, so let’s use some equivalents: 

  • analytical;
  • observational;
  • contemplative;
  • formulated;
  • pioneered;
  • calculated.

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Staying focused is always a valuable characteristic for each worker. But pointing out that you are “focused” when it comes to accomplishing tasks sounds boring. Pay attention to the following equivalents that will brighten your resume:

  • attentive;
  • earnest;
  • studious;
  • sustained;
  • alert;
  • vigilant.


Among all the candidates, hiring managers give priority to the ones who have unique and innovative ideas. However, the term “unique” is overused as well. Instead, you can prove that you stand out with the following buzzwords:

  • remarkable;
  • distinctive;
  • rare;
  • enhanced;
  • transformative;
  • specialized.


No one will invite you to the interview if you don’t have any key skills required for a specific job. To prove that you are skilled enough, use these alternatives:

  • adept;
  • proficient;
  • impeccable;
  • dexterous;
  • sharp;
  • apt.

Summing Up

To craft a winning resume, you should take into account all the information above and avoid common resume mistakes. Now when you have seen all the best buzzwords you can use for your resume, you have better chances of getting employed. Don’t be afraid to diversify your resume. Add some new cool terms that will show your hiring manager that you are the perfect candidate.