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11 Heating Maintenance Services Myths Now Debunked

  • December 26, 2022
  • 5 min read
11 Heating Maintenance Services Myths Now Debunked

When you open the internet browser, you will come across different websites on which information has been posted. But not everything publicized on the internet is true, as many things are some individual’s imagination or can be bad experiences of different people. These can be considered myths people have spread about various things like heating maintenance services.

Debunking 11 Heating Maintenance Services Myths

Although you must know that most of the points mentioned below are misconceptions because they might have been discussed in other reading materials. But it is important to keep homeowners reminded about these myths so that the right decision can be made.

A Higher Setting on the Thermostat Means a Hotter Temperature

The first myth that people believe is that running the thermostat at a higher temperature when they turn the heating system on will warm up the room more quickly. The heater or gas furnace will have to work harder, increase energy bills, and decreases efficiency when running at a higher temperature.

Temperature Consistency Increases the Heating System Efficiency

Keeping the same temperature throughout the day might seem a great idea as it could stabilize energy consumption. But clients should understand that the outside temperature doesn’t remain the same throughout the day, especially in winter. The constant thermostat setting might decrease the efficiency because it is running at the temperature and is not decreasing.

A Fireplace is an Alternative to a Gas Furnace

According to furnace repair services experts, a fireplace or space heater can be a good solution if you want to heat a specific property area. But it might not be an alternative for gas furnaces, heaters, or heat pumps because these HVAC types effectively provide heat to the entire house.

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Heating the Basement will be Beneficial

This technique of heating the basement was effective when there weren’t any blowers attached to the furnaces. In this process, the air traveled upwards, thus heating the entire house. But this technique will not be effective because modern heating systems have blowers connected to air ducts and a ventilation system.

Heat Pumps will be Inactive in Freezing Temperatures

This situation might occur if you still have an older version of the heating system. But modern heating systems can resist temperatures below freezing point. They have a heating backup system that will help them keep the mechanism and parts warm.

Closing the Vents will Give Financial Benefits

Many people might suggest you keep the vents and air ducts in the room closed, so that warm air doesn’t escape, which might provide financial benefits. This will be a mistake because the air vents are also a source of purified air entering the rooms, according to HVAC contractors like Wayne’s Heating and Air. So, it is important to keep them open.

Do Not Worry About Skipping Maintenance and Furnace Repair Services

The disadvantage of skipping the monthly and yearly HVAC repair and maintenance is that the issues might develop secretly, and you don’t know about them. But when you do, the heating system might need a replacement.

Turning the Furnace off will Save Money

This myth might seem beneficial because you are saving energy by turning the heating system off. But it should be understood that starting up the heating system will consume more power. So, keeping the gas furnace, heat pumps, and heaters on at a moderate temperature is advised.

A Larger Heating System will be More Efficient

This point is not always true because certain factors should be considered before deciding the heating system size. These factors include the property size, the number of rooms, the sun’s direction, and the type of heating system to install.

Replace the Air Filters and Forget Everything Else

Air filters are an important part of the heating system, but to think that you can only change the filters and don’t do anything else is not right. Other heating system parts are also vital to check and maintain.

Indoor Air Quality is Nothing to Worry About

Sometimes the indoor air quality might seem clean and healthy. But it would help if you understood that microscopic foreign substances like germs, bacteria, and viruses might enter the house through the HVAC system and will cause different illnesses. So, heating maintenance services will be beneficial for maintaining good indoor air quality.

These are some important heating system myths that HAVC contractors have debunked.

Below are three questions to explain heating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common problem with furnaces?

Some of the furnace problems that heating maintenance services can solve include the following;

1.       Old or clogged filters

2.       Dirty ductwork

3.       A broken blower

4.       Starting mechanism malfunctioning

5.       A faulty heat exchanger

6.       The heating system tripping

7.       Problems with the thermostat

8.       Debris stuck in the burner and ignition.

What is the healthiest heating system?

There are not one but several healthy ways to heat a property. These most importantly include the following;

1.       Solar energy for heating.

2.       Using grass pellets for the heating system.

3.       Wood burners or fireplaces.

4.       Using wind power.

5.       Geothermal heating system.

6.       Masonry or slow-burning heater.

7.       Hydronic heating system.

Are old furnaces better than new ones?

A new furnace will be more efficient and provide great financial benefits. But if the older furnace is not causing trouble, then using it should be considered.

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