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January 18, 2022

10 Best Hidden WhatsApp Features

  • December 3, 2021
  • 3 min read
10 Best Hidden WhatsApp Features

1. Format the text to add some verve to your messages:

WhatsApp allows you to bold, italicize, or strikethrough text on the fly. You’ll need to add a couple of special characters before and after the text you want to format in order to do so.

2. Make your messages disappear:

WhatsApp is currently introducing a new feature that allows you to enable disappearing messages for specific conversations. When you enable it, all of your messages in a chat will be deleted after seven days.

3.  Star a message so it’s easy to find later:

Starring a message makes it easy to return to a meaningful message, phone number, address, or article link that a friend sent you. Tap the Star icon after long-pressing on the message.

4. Clear out storage, and see who you talk to the most:

Go to Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage on your iPhone or Android phone. A list of contacts will appear, sorted by who is using the most storage space on your phone. Tap on each contact to see more information, such as the number of messages exchanged, images, and GIFs.

5. View message details:

To view those stats on your iPhone, swipe to the left on a message you sent. Long-press a message on Android, then tap the menu button, followed by Info.

6. Mute a conversation:

When you’re about to leave for a movie or a meeting, use WhatsApp’s mute feature to silence a chatty group conversation or a friend who hasn’t gotten the hint that you’re busy.

7. Hide your last seen status:

Don’t want your “Last Seen” time to be known by friends or random contacts? Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

8. Don’t save photos, videos by default:

If you don’t want WhatsApp to save every photo and video you receive to your camera roll, you can disable it. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Chats and disable Save to Camera Roll. On Android, go to Settings> Chats and disable Media Visibility.

9. Receive custom notifications:

You can set custom alerts for individual contacts instead of having the same alert sound for every incoming message.

When viewing a chat thread on Android, tap the Menu icon, then View Contact > Custom Notifications, check the box, and then finish setting it up.

10. Export a conversation:

If you need to save a conversation, you can export it. When viewing a conversation, Android users should tap the Menu button, then More > Export Chat.

Viewing a chat thread on an iPhone entails tapping on the contact name at the top of the screen, scrolling to the bottom of the Contact Info page, and selecting Export Chat.

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